Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Whitehall, Michigan, United States

Burger King / wrong whopper

Jan 10, 2019

I went thru drive thu no recite I order a whopper no pickle no Tom lite lettuce add cheese bacon and bbq large fry sm onion ring and a 10 pc nuggets! Get home and my whopper wrapper said at bacon and bbq lite lettuce and no bacon no bbq no cheese with everything else on it, called and she...

Checkers and Rally's / missing food

Oct 20, 2018

I went to whitehall ohio Rallys drive through, ordered and even ran through the order again at the window. Got home and was missing 2 fries and 2 apple pies. I have stage 4 cancer and did not feel like going back out to get my missing food. Thats why im writing u. I also dont understand...

Nike / lunarstellos

Sep 25, 2018

Im writing to let you known I purchased a pair of nike lunarstellos for my son approx aroumd aug 31 2018. He needed them for the start of school 9/6. I purchased these at super shoes in queensbury N.Y.. . My son has worn the side completely out of them within 3 weeks! The shoes are poorly...

Wawa / had no max and cheese or smoothies wtf I had already paid.

Sep 05, 2018

How does wawa not have mac and cheese or smoothies. And not only do they not have any nor can they take their time to actually make some they didn't even tell people till after at least 16 of us had already paid and were standing there waiting for our food and beverages for 15 min or...

Home Depot / installation of a storm door

Aug 24, 2018

My name is Carmelo Rivera 3895 Mechanicsville Rd. Whitehall Pa 18052 I made a large purchase from Home Depot for patio doors, exterior door for the garage and a storm door for the back door a total of $3800+ in 2016. it took over 3 months to get installed. We had problems with the back door...

Burger King / onion rings and wopper

Mar 10, 2018

We ordered 2 whoppers and 1 onion ring. First of all we got the 2 whoppers and 1 order of french fries. We told them we ordered onion rings, so they tossed the fries in the garbage and gave us some onion rings, however, when we took them to a table and took a bite they were cold, so we...

Discovery Channel / all your shows

Oct 25, 2017

Network replays old footage constantly. 1st on supposedly new episodes, 2nd on 50% after commercial breaks. If people are not watching and following the show then you have already lost. As for the people who actually tolerate the extra footage are your true fan base. I actually record the...

Netflix / everyday for the past week it hasn't played

Sep 29, 2017

We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title. It says this for everything I try and play! I've had nexflix forever seriously forever like 9yrs and saw this from time to time but never this much and for everything I try and play! And...

Days Inn / I cleaned hotel room and card charges

Sep 02, 2017

Hello, I was a guest at the Days Inn Whitehall hotel at the address of 2865 Colby Rd Whitehall MI 49461. I was a guest on the date of 8/26/17 and was very unpleased with the room that myself and family had stayed at as the bathroom was very unclean. The bathtub had obviously not been... / website is a mess! cannot get an order in. they never come back with an answers

Nov 01, 2015

I have tried repeatedly to order. The shopping cart keeps changing prices on me and they are not accurate! i cannot even look at my shopping cart or move on to purchasing. I had someone else sign in for me and it kept wiping out the credit card and no longer offered the 30% off for 1st...