Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Auburn, Maine, United States

Lowe's Home Improvement / Lowe's Home Centers / delivery service

Dec 15, 2017

I ordered countertop that was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday but it snowed the night before so they refused to deliver. Promised it would be put on the truck the next day but it wasn't. Finally delivered Friday but they said they almost didn't. This is Maine so I asked why they did...

Food Network / pots and pans

Oct 01, 2017

My husband purchased a set of pans from Kohls in May. At first we were satisfied did what we should've to keep them non stick, not chipping, etc. They don't seem to keep the "non stick" we use butter, oil etc but they won't come clean. After soaking and trying a few remedies, they don't...

Kraft Foods / turkey lunchable

Sep 07, 2017

I purchased this lunchable 3 days prior from Shaw's in Auburn, ME and a picture below is a piece of turkey my son almost ate. This lunchable was not expired and I find this quite disgusting. Not to mention how sick it could have made my son. We will most certaintly not be buying your...

Planet Fitness / intrusive and unprofessional employee

Sep 03, 2017

On Sunday September 5th at 7 p.m. a female employee walked into the men's locker room and informed everybody that it was closing time. The problem is not that an employee came to inform the gym members that I was closing time, the problem is that a female entered the men's locker room...

Home Box Office [HBO] / liberal bias

Aug 12, 2017

Lately you have rerun movies of actors who have made noxious political comments. I and many know your programming has taken a sharp left lately. These actors are paid residuals in terms of reruns. Is this Liberal Hollywood paying for political propaganda? Bill Maher needs to go. I will...

OfficeMax/OfficeDepot / customer service

Aug 02, 2017

I have been requesting a copy of a receipt for several days now, I have been going in circles, transferred to other departments, told incorrect information and this is absolutely the worst customer service I have received. I am still waiting for a copy of my receipt after providing all... / cleanliness

Aug 01, 2017

Dried urine on the wall in the bathroom. At to about four feet off the floor. Filled out comment card that was available in the room. Politely told the RUDE front desk clerk, no response from that individual. Emailed the company with a photograph, no response. The simple fact of the...

JCPenney / sephora

Jun 06, 2017

I ordered in the store last week and was specifically told 4-6 business days. I have been checking my order everyday since and it's said "pending" everyday. Its been about a week now. When I called to ask about the order a "Mary" gave me attitude, and I only asked if it was pending or not...

Petco / multiple ball pythons in one enclosure

May 19, 2017

I recently went into my local Petco in Auburn, ME to look at their reptiles. Upon closer inspection of the ball python enclosure, I found that there were at least 3 baby ball pythons being kept in the same tank! Ball pythons are highly solitary animals and I have no doubt that if they are...

Town Fair Tire / bad business practice

Mar 01, 2012

Had 4 new tires put on my truck. It took them 3 hrs to mount and balance the tires and give a front end alignment. Then I noticed afterwards that my stainless steel valve stem covers were gone and black plastic ones were in their place. I went back to the shop and asked what happened. I...



THEY ARE RIPPING ME OFF, first hardly no service, then I tried to call 4 or 5 times for that. then I again called several times to pay my bill they couldnt find it. Then I try to cut it off they cant find me in the system at all! NOW 6 months later they say I owe them 600 dollars, and are...

acai berry maximum / false advertisment


spoke to Ryan Id # 101 so he says about receiving my refund from the false advertisment on the company spam email i asked to speak with someone in regards to this matter and he stated "he was the boss and he made the final say on what goes on" he stated that the office is located on 158...

TGI Fridays / bad service


After spending 70 dollars on a meal for two people, I'm pretty much not satisfied. Three tiny martinis for 7.50 each, alright, it's a mixed drink, you expect to spend alot, but the steaks weren't amazing (6 oz. sirloin and flat iron). They were simply meat, flavor coming from...

Kmart / did not get an item we purchased


I was shopping with a client of mine on Tuesday the 16th. He had a purchase order from DHHS for household items. He purchased a bed in a bag from the Auburn KMART. When he returned home he realized they had forgot to put the item in the cart. He had quite a few items and needed two cart...

Auto / Buyers contract not honored


Dealer wrote up buyers order which we signed for 8000.00 for 2003 Ford Explorer with 5000.00 on our trade. total owing to be 3300.00. This to me is a CONTRACT for purchase. I left that Saturday afternoon to seek financing in the beginning of the week. I was just called today they said they...