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Smart Travel Incentives Inc. / They charged us for cancellation and no full refund provided

Sep 21, 2014

We booked trip from the company Smart Travel Incentives Inc. After 4 days we cancelled our trip and asked to provide refund. It was mentioned on the website that they could provide full refund if the customer cancelled his/her order within 14 days. We did everything on time, but these...

Wayne J. Scott IE; Impact Realty / Liar, cheat and thief

May 12, 2014

This so called Realtor who owns "Impact Realty" and he writes bad or worthless checks as he gave me one for $1, 000 and he tried to convince me it was good. It was drawn on his shady real estate company " Impact Realty" which has no physical address on his cards and a Massachusetts phone...

Ocwen / loan still in credit report

Nov 13, 2013

We short-sold our house in lake mary in march of 2012. The primary load holder for our house was originally litten loans who then was purchased by ocwen a few month before the short sale was approved. My credit report still shows the mortgage and is destroying my credit. Im not sure who I...

Robo-Rachel from Cardholder Services / Racketeering, Credit Card Laundering, Illegal abusive telemarketing

Jul 18, 2013

Consumer Report, Do-Not-Call Violations Sunshine Consultation Services LLC, Sunshine Coaching Service, Lower Interest Rate Consulting LLC, 4044 West Lake Mary Blvd, Unit 104-421 Lake Mary, FL 32746, 420 E. State Rd 434, Suite F, Longwood, FL 32750 [protected], [protected], [protected]...


Feb 24, 2013

Donna K. Hutchings-Szara, a.k.a. Donna K.Hutchings, a.k.a. Donna K.Szara, a.k.a. Donna K. Taylor residing at 964 Helmsley Ct. #100 Lake Mary, FL 32746 is guilty of numerous criminal activities which I will post ALL the details about within the next week. You can also see these charges on...

BizTeck Inc / FRAUD

Nov 3, 2012

I work for Steven Groden selling Business consulting services and later I found out that Steven Groden was running a telemarketing scam by scamming the consumers base on false and misleading information and i talk to Steven Groden about this and his responce was do your job and keep your...

Elase Medical Spa / Medical Treatment

Sep 22, 2012

I thought I was going to the perfect place for my tummy tuck procedure. I am three weeks post op and I went Tuesday for my follow up appointment. After driving an hour and a half I arrived to find the doors locked and lights off. A simple note on the door that says under new ownership we...

Pollo Tropical / Horrible food

Jun 1, 2012

We went to pollo tropical in sanford store #10076. Manager Shaina (3533). First of all, I heard the cook talking to another person from the other side of the restaurant cooking are and she was telling him not to give out the burnt chicken. When we were served that was what we got. Food wa...

5 Star Accommodations / Scam

Apr 24, 2012

5 Star Accommodation or Five Star Accommodation is the same scammers as A-1 Marketing. Look up the posts under A-1. Amazing how persistent and unethical these folks are. Even post BS posts claiming good success with A-1, including same misspelling of ashamed as assamed. Hilarious and low...

Aimco / Lost $350

Apr 3, 2012

Any suggestions will help. When we applied for Sun Lake Apartments in Lake Mary, FL which is an AIMCO company, they asked for a non-refundable $100 application fee and a $250 security deposit. This was on 3/14. On 3/15 they called and said we were approved, but we needed a letter from our...

Market Traders Institute, Inc / Refund not honored.


Problem Date: September 14, 2010, I sent an email to Sales Representative, Andy Hall asking him how much I should invest if I only had $10, 000 in my IRA. He told me to start small and I reply "what is small"? He never answered that question. I purchased the Ultimate Traders Package for $1, 500...

Norwegian Cruise Line / Double Billing


I booked and paid for a cruise for my daughters by phone. The agent took the debit card info and proceeded to charge the debit card twice. When I saw it on my bank statement, I immediately called Cruises-n-more and brought it to their attention. They have been unwilling to reverse the... / Delivery


Horrible horrible company! They keep lying and lying to me about the delivery time. I ordered on Monday afternoon and the website said FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING. On Wednesday, AJ the rep told me it was out of stock (same lie they used to every customer) but would be sent out that day... / Out of Stock but Credit Card Charged


I ordered a couple of ink cartridges and my credit card was charged immediately. I was notified the the Ink was out of Stock. I canceled the order immediately and requested a refund. See response from Clickinks below: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Date: 06-08-2010 Sub: Invoice No...

Vacations Direct USA, Ic / Lies and False Promises


We recently got scammed by a sales person from Vacations Direct USA. We received a call and was told they needed 50 rooms for a PGA event and would be marketing our timeshare at an upcoming convention. We were promised we would get a telephone call over the weekend with potential rental...

Wells Fargo / harrassing calls


I would absolutely NEVER finance anything through Wells Fargo. They have been calling me for payment for someone in another state. I have never had anything connected with Wells Fargo. They call every day all day long. I have told them they have the wrong number and they call me a liar. I...

Progress Energy / additional deposits


My husband and I have been customers with Progress Energy since March 2009. We paid a $380 deposit to have electricity in our name at the home we're renting. We moved here from another state and therefore their reason for charging this deposit fee. We paid our bills each month on time...

Albertsons / rediculous company policy


Refused to sell beer to a 29 year old who shops there twice a week since 4 years and showed valid ID. Reason: Was accomponied by 2 family members (both in their late 20s also!) which were from Europe and didn't have a FL DL. Nevermind, they don't even drink and they weren't the...

Fl Department Of Revenue / child support


My complaint is with the state of Fl. I moved back to Fl in 2004, I gave them all my papers from CO regarding my divorce, child support and orders for payment. I gave them EVERYTHING. I checked the status of my case constantly for about a year to two and I got nothing from them. I gave...

Chba / rip off


I am about 3 months pregnant and still havent been to a doctor yet because i dont have a health insurance and money is really tight. I am really stressed out about how we are gonna be able to pay for all the prenatal care and the actual delivery and hospitalization. Couple days ago, i woke... / BAD Business


THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF...This company is a hug e rip off and I know I used to work there...Do not take this as a an angered former employee I am able to prove all that is in this complaint...First off this company suffers from huge out of stock issues so if you haven't ordered... / Fraud


I bought Epson printer ink on 11-29-08, with a GUARANTEE that it would work in my Epson R220 printer or my money back. It did not work, even after calling Clickink for technical help. Clickink sent me a return address label and told me to return it for a full refund. That was 4 months and...

Vacations direct Usa / SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM


Okay, be very careful before you give away your money to this company. They sound really good on the phone, making you believe their a Christian based company. There's a lot of people out there who use Christ as their crutch. Their so believable, it's scarey. What they do is tell...

Cruises-N-More / hideous customer service


Seven of us in our family have been cruising on a regular basis, averaging about one cruise a year. This is the first and last time we will book a cruise with Cruises-N- More. This trip was booked to celebrate several important family events. At this point my Carol is so upset that she i... / Decptive Business Practices


This was our first and undoubtedly the last ink cartridge order from Indisputably, all of the cartridges we received were defective in one way or another. Obviously they were “recycled junk”, not in a condition to be placed back into recycling. Like the hundreds, if...

Clinkinks Ink Cartridges / no refund on bad ink cartridges


they sent bad ink cartridges and won't answer emails or phones for return . there phone lines never pick up. I would never do business with them again.

Ink Cartridges / no delivery no refund


I ordered ink cartridges in Februsry, got an email saying that it was on backorder. It is now 2 months later and I still do not have my ink. They do not answer the phone or reply to emails. I sent 4 different emails and got NO repsonse. They did charge my credit card but NEVER delivered... / never got my cartridges


I purchased my cartrdiges on line on their website on March 24th. I have not received anything yet and today is April 6th. I tried calling just to be hold forever I left a message and no response and I have sent numerous emails to them and nothing. They took out the money out of my account... / Fraudulent company!


I ordered $50 worth of ink cartridges on their website after price checking several other sites. They were competitive and offered free shipping over $50 so I placed my order. Within 2 days my card was charged the full amount and then I received an email saying the product was backordered... / fraud


I ordered ink from this seller - I paid for it and waited and waited. It never arrived. I attempted to contact the seller, ClickInks, but got no reply to my e-mail asking about order delivery. Phone never answers. They are thieves and crooks. I checked them with BBB. This company doesn't exist.

AAA Carolinas / Bad experience


We have an old car that needed towing to a recycling center. I called several towing companies-all wanted $60.+ Called AAA explained it was going to junk yard- we had hit a deer, car has sit for months- the tags had expired so we needed it towed. AAA sent a towing company that I had called...