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Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / steak and shake gainesville

swainz14 on Sep 21, 2017
I arrived to steak and shake and was informed it would be cash only. Upon ordering we were told their systems were down. We politely asked to have our food cooked and let us pay at the end, however we were then yelled at and asked to wait. We then waited about 15 mins before they took our...

Hampton Inn & Suites / charged 4 times for 1 night!

Cadiz on Sep 17, 2017
Please check your credit card statements. I paid with a CC and received a receipt on check out for the correct amount. Upon checking my statement, I had been charged 3 more times for the same room, but this time the charges were more. I have had to call the Hotel and the CC company in...

Cox Communications / terrible disaster plan

LWhite777 on Sep 13, 2017
It is so ridiculous that a Multi million dollar communication organization fails to have a viable disaster plan. It has been three days since hurricane Irma and not one tech has even attempted to call or come and make repairs. For those of us that have children at home, how are we to feel...

Dollar General / Store Manager and Asst Manager

MichaB on Sep 8, 2017
I frequently visit the store over on Archer Rd. In Gainesville, FL and never can get help with the store manager Ann or her racists asst. Manager Tim is working. I live across the street and see the store clearly from my home. It seems every 20 mins the two of them are on a smoking break...

Petsmart / unethical behavior

Dawn Rachel on Sep 7, 2017
Petsmart store # 303, Gainesville, FL, 9/7/17, 4:30pm: Had my dog bathed at the grooming salon and while waiting on my dog, witnessed groomer mishandling another dog on the grooming table. Other groomer nearby was talking to me and ignoring the other groomer's behavior. Continued to speak...

Red Lobster Hospitality / plastic in shrimp linguini

Hcarden70 on Sep 4, 2017
My husband ordered the endless shrimp, he got the shrimp linguini and 2 bites in he started choking on a 6 inch piece of seran wrap, he pulled it out of his throat. The waiter was apologetic and immediately said he would get the meal comped. Manager, Jeff, came over and never asked if my...

Burlington Coat Factory / my employment

HelenmSmith on Aug 31, 2017
My 1st day starting is when these issues occurred. Rania the store manager called a meet but nothing was resolved. I was apologize to by the supervisor the next day. To only come back and be treated so rude. And spoken to like an animal or child. Being yelled and screamed at constantly...

Jimmy John's / sandwich

Gabrielle Lucido on Aug 29, 2017
My friend and I ordered jimmy John's last night from your Gainesville location on university. Our first sandwich barely had any meat on it to the point where I didn't even want to eat it. We then ordered another sandwich and complained that the first didn't have enough meat on it and asked...

Guardian Protection Products / terrible company

Thantawan on Aug 28, 2017
They are awful... Their insurances are a waste of money. They say they cover almost everything, but in fact, stores find lots of excuses not to refund, so this coverage is absolutely useless. I spent over $150 on a warranty and it was simply for nothing. Trying to contact them is a...

Marlboro / marlboro silver 100

Wilkia on Aug 26, 2017
It's seems that the last 2 years of purchasing these from a variety of stores that 5 or more cigarettes have tiny pin holes in them and make it impossible to smoke without covering with something. They also have holes where the filter is and have holes in the filter. Your cigarettes are...
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