Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Coral Springs, Florida, United States

Coral Springs Animal Hospital / vet visit

Dec 09, 2018

Since month one of our beloved Dogs suffers from chronic kidney failure. Our Vet takes exceptional care of our Dogs and we are very thankful for that. But for those Readers which don't know what kidney failure means... it is a noncurable disease what leads earlier or later to death. It i...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / debt

Oct 01, 2018

Received a notice from HRRG that I owed $1, 401.00 on a bill dated 05/07/18. I asked them to validate this bill, which they refused to do. They sent me no proof that HRRG holds my debt, no payment history, and no copy of my original contract. This is a violation of the FDCPA. Furthermore...

Domino's Pizza / worst company ever - 8038 wiles rd, coral springs, fl 33065

Sep 30, 2018

Worst company ever - 8038 wiles rd, coral springs, FL 33065 The management and delivery drivers at this Dominos are very unprofessional! I live in a neighborhood about 4-5 minutes away from this dominos. A delivery driver with the tag number IAA-V27 driving a black Toyota Corolla, flew...

American Automobile Association / / travel services agreement policy/lack of support services/pricing

Sep 15, 2018

My wife dealt with the travel agent at the AAA in our local office in coral springs Florida, and was recommended three night stay in hotels with transfers in Europe and on comparing the prices available online, of the same product, products sold were approximately twice the cost. When...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / service

Sep 13, 2018

I went into your TJ Maxx store in Coral Springs, FL today. I went to return a Michael Kors backpack that I got for a gift, so I didn't have a receipt. I was told by your "coordinator" Roberta that the original Tj maxx and Michael Kors tags didn't match the purse. So I couldn't exchange it...

Rooms To Go / bed frame installation

Sep 02, 2018

I bought a queen mattress. Was given a ridiculous time frame for delivery 7am-12pm. Doing deliveries at 7am is absolutely ridiculous. Kids are in school, people are still sleeping. Early mornings don't work for everyone. You can't choose a time frame that works for you & if you change the...

First Data Global Leasing / leased me equipment that did not meet my needs and now holding me to 36 month contract

Aug 14, 2018

A representative from First Data Global Leasing said I would need to upgrade my existing equipment, which was not under a contract, to a new piece of equipment called a Clover Mini, so that I could verify the funds of checks, which I receive from customers overseas. I was told that I could...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service

Jul 29, 2018

I can first commend the newly- hired waiter at the Coral Springs Steak Ana Shake in 441. The restaurant was very poorly kept, so much that I got one of the seemed to be managers attention to pick up the fries and trash pile that laid openly in a corner. Advising that female employee that...

GolfNow / golfnow reservation charge

Jul 10, 2018

Dear Customer Care Team, I have been notified that Eagle Trace Golf Club notified you that I did not arrive at the course for your scheduled tee time on Tuesday, July 3, 2018. I understand that they are requesting that you collect the green fees for no-show tee time reservations. I am...

Mr Douglas Caires / closing an account

Jul 10, 2018

Beware this bank without any advanced notice will put all kinds of fees on your account if you try to close it. They claim the account was abandoned when every year the monies are suppose to receive interest. The bank also has my mailing address and email address and I get a statement from...

Camping World / ordering rv furniture

Jun 30, 2018

I spoke with Camping World regarding the purchase of a sofa for our motor home. They referred me to the manufacturer, Lippert, and I did so. I was very happy with Lippert as they gave me details on the sofa that Camping World could not and because I wanted the sofa delivered at a later...

Panera Bread / green goddess salad

Jun 27, 2018

Was served unripened advocado. Let them know. They gave me different advocado but sliced thinner. What am I stupid? It was the same advocado. Still unripened. And the tomatoes where yellow (also unripe). They did not fix either of them. I paid a lot of money for a lot of lettuce. Very...

BJ's Wholesale Club / lack of employees/prices/lack of product

Jun 03, 2018

6/3/2018 1) Product was not available on one aisle. On the next aisle the product was so high up I had to hunt down assistance to get it because they never filled the spot where the product goes. 2) Your prices are going up so high it is better to wait for Publix to have it on BOGO. On top of...

Burger King / service sucks (the manager evan is very aggressive and arrogant)

May 02, 2018

I went to the restaurant to buy 3 egg & cheese sandwiches; however, the person on the speaker (manager) was explaining the 2 for 1 promo. After a few minutes going back and forth about what I wanted and the price, I had to go inside to place my order. I came to find out that I was actually...

Puma / purchased item

Apr 25, 2018

Greetings: I hVe spoke with Davian regarding an issue with a purchase of puma shoe for my daughter On her birthday... she loved the shoes so much and I always purchase puma brand. After 2 weeks the right side ripped open, I took back to the store ( Robert Wayne 9469 w. Atlantic blvd #9493...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / horrible experience at restaurant

Mar 12, 2018

To Whom It May Concern: We visited the Steak 'n Shake, located at 4120 N State Road 7, Coral Springs, FL 33073 (store #452), last evening, March 11, 2018. It was a totally horrible experience! Took the waitress 10 minutes to bring us 3 glasses of water. After placing the order, the waitress took...

Teleflora / arraignment

Feb 14, 2018

It's absolutley disgraceful how this company conducts themselves. They use local florists as their go between so they distance themselves from complaints. I ordered an arraignment for my wife, something a forty year old man would give the angel in his life what she received was something a...

JC Penney Company / online order

Dec 24, 2017

I ordered 3 items over a month ago and received a phone call that my order was ready. I went into the store and of course no employee could actually find my order. I continue to come in every week after to see if it came in. I called the 800 number to get my refund and they said the store...

JC Penney Company / heusen lux sateen long sleeve

Dec 01, 2017

Today I brought a royal blue the price was $17.49 when I pay I asked the cashier if she can order this size for me the size 18 and half 37/38 she ok and then she told me it's on sale buy one get the other one for 1c I said, ok when I payed the totals came up $53.01. I said it was $17.49 I...

Dunkin' Brands / drive through

Nov 29, 2017

I decided to go to another Dunkin on the way to work and the service that was given to me was disrespectful and embarrassing. I always order my wakeup wrap with cream cheese at my normal Dunkin and today the lady at the window gave me a hard time and made me feel like a clown for ordering...

Burlington Coat Factory / returning an item

Oct 30, 2017

On 10/29/2017 I went to my Burlington to return an item I purchased on 10/12/2017. The reason for the return was because the product, which was a pair of Reebok sweatpants, had a long white stain along the seam. The sweatpants were picked up by my husband, who did not try them on and...

Waypoint Homes / lease renewal

Oct 13, 2017

I’ve been attempting to speak with my renewal lease coordinator for 3 weeks now. I’ve recently been asked to transfer from my company and need to discuss my options on potentially leaving my lease a little early. I live at 9877 N Springs Way Coral Springs FL 33076. I’ve been a very faithful...

Sam's Club / in-store pick up

Sep 20, 2017

Store# 6637. I placed an Order ([protected]) for 2 generators on Monday, Sept 18th. The order went through as I received an E-mail confirmation and a Charge on my Credit Card. The item was in stock (available) and plenty of them, when my order was placed. So far, so good. Last night (Sept...

Progressive / lack of customer service and loyalty to 20+ customer

Sep 15, 2017

I have called since Mon 9-11 and then again Tues 9-12 to be told an adjuster will call me to set an appointment up between 24-48 hours. No calls received. Called back on Thursday 9/14 and was advised my vehicle will be picked up Fri 9/15 and I will receive a call to schedule the tow. Gue...

Biglots / hiring

Jul 12, 2017

My husband went to apply for a position yesterday at your Coral Springs store. Upon arrival and in front of customers, the manager said we won't hire your kind, meaning he was white. My husband said the guy he spoke to him a couple of days before was white. The manager said that's why he...

JC Penney / gold chain

Jun 29, 2017

I purchased a gold chain with a gold cross for my son for Christmas 2016 and paid $750. Because he is in middle school I didn't let him wear it daily so he wore it between Christmas and New Years, then again for Easter at the end of March 2017. The chain broke within three days and when I...

Sears/Cross Country Home Warranty / sears home warranty

Jun 19, 2017

I purchased the sears home warrant with a 30 day waiting period. On day 43 my washer began making loud noises and stopped completely washing the clothes. I called for service. A service man arrived, and I explained the problem. He reached in spun the agitator and said in very broken...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / erroneous medical bill

May 19, 2017

Got a bill from a medical provider, they said that we owed a specific amount... However, my eob clearly stated that the maximum amount the provider could collect was $143.00 less than what they were asking for. Contacted the billing department and sent them copies of the eob, and asked that...

Sears Brands / online selling; misrepresentation of delivery date

May 01, 2017

Good morning, I'm hugely disappointed in how a organization like Sears can build a process that misleads the customer during the sales process. Here are the details: Order #[protected] On Saturday I chose to purchase the dishwasher on this order because Sears offered the earliest...

Shell / customer service

Apr 25, 2017

I have been a loyal customer of Shell for 4 years. On my way home I decided to fill up with my 30 cents off per gallon from T-Mobile. I went inside and handed the Indian attendant $45 and I swiped be fuel rewards card for pump #5. I went out to pump my gas but it wasn't working for me so I...

LabCorp / staffing

Apr 19, 2017

I made an appointment the day before for 11am. I arrived at 9:50 am in the hope they would see me earlier. They only have one person at the desk and one drawing blood. It's now 1:04 pm and I am still waiting. Four different patients had 11am appointments. They appear to just be calling in...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / bill collection

Apr 03, 2017

I received a letter with the service date of March 6, 2017. A creditor IPC of Nevada had hired them to collect a balance due, but it is not my bill. When I try to sign-on to their website, they did not even have the correct date of birth. The pin number is 1.[protected].505 and the validation...

Steak 'n Shake / first bad time after many great times

Apr 01, 2017

Went to coconut creek store for take out. Had new coupons from mail. Paul the manager is a great guy how he works with his help is crazy. The workers walk around like the twilight zone. Went to register where a young girl took my order which she couldnt get right 4 times. Finally i said...

Coral Springs Animal Hospital / The cost of xrays. And my dog couldnt breathe and they clearly knew it was an pneumonia but insisted on me payimg for xrays.

Mar 30, 2017

I took my 8 year old dachsund to coral springs animal hospital. My dog could barely breathe and I thought that they wud see her first since she was so weak and unable to breathe correctly. They said tht she was fine and it was no rush. And tht they would be with her In a"few minutes"... Well...

F.Y.E / Customer service / items sold in stores

Mar 02, 2017

The store I am complaining about is located at 9009 West Atlantic Boulevard Coral Springs Florida 33071 in the Coral Ridge Mall. The store manager along with other employees will hold onto merchandise for friends and family before customers can come in the store and buy them. More...

Segpayeu / unauthorized charges on credit card item I never ordered

Feb 03, 2017

On 1-14-17 I noticed an unauthorized charge on Master Card for $39.95 for something I never ordered and disputed it with card provider. They requested information and an eventual credit was returned to card. Thing is they charged me for something they should not have without authorization...

Diamond Resorts / 2017 - special assessment - a synopsis of $192.97 assessment.. cove ii owners

Jan 23, 2017

-it does not relieve you of your responsibility - a $30.00 charge - late fee of $25 - charge of 18% - suspension notice - subject to lockout - a notice fee of $15.00 - 5% of past due amount - submit delinquent . . . to an attorney - assessment lien -foreclose on -small claims -delinquent...

Esurranty Indemnity Company / purchased insurance policy for phone, will not pay anything that I am owed

Jan 14, 2017

You wrote a review for esurranty One hour ago 1.0 star rating 1/14/2017 Waiting months for payment due me for replacing lost phone. Owed over $650.00. Promised to reimburse but no luck in months. No replies to email/phone. I purchased a cell phone policy for $116.98. The policy clearly...

CapWholesalers / Horrible!!

Aug 02, 2016

I have ordered several items from CapWholesalers and paid $150 for everything. After I paid they were supposed to send me a confirmation message and a tracking number, but I did not receive anything. So I contacted customer support service and asked them about the tracking number and the...

HRRG Collections / debt collections

Jun 14, 2016

HRRG collected almost $3000 from me for what they said was an outstanding bill. They mailed me a letter asking for payment, then called to say they were going to report me to the credit bureau if I didn't pay the bill immediately. I was told by my insurance company that they were paying...