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Coral Springs Animal Hospital / vet visit

Dec 09, 2018

Since month one of our beloved Dogs suffers from chronic kidney failure. Our Vet takes exceptional care of our Dogs and we are very thankful for that. But for those Readers which don't know what kidney failure means... it is a noncurable disease what leads earlier or later to death. It i...

Coral Springs Animal Hospital / The cost of xrays. And my dog couldnt breathe and they clearly knew it was an pneumonia but insisted on me payimg for xrays.

Mar 30, 2017

I took my 8 year old dachsund to coral springs animal hospital. My dog could barely breathe and I thought that they wud see her first since she was so weak and unable to breathe correctly. They said tht she was fine and it was no rush. And tht they would be with her In a"few minutes"... Well...

Coral Springs Animal Hospital / Keeping my dog in ransom for a $52 dollar bill

Oct 27, 2015

I took my dog in for a stomach problem, I was told by the nurse that she is taking him to the back so the doctor can listen to my dog's lungs, it was 6:00 p.m.: 20 min later Ryan Hugh comes in without my dog. (My dog is in a cage) the entire time I was in the hospital: why was my dog...

Coral Springs Animal Hospital/Animal Services / $10,251.00 to mis-diagnose my cat & he died at that clinic

Oct 10, 2012

brought my cat to CSAH for 2nd opinion - he was experience gas in his intestines. Brought all previous test results w/ me that were less than 24 hours old. They insisted on performing their own. They disappeared for almost 45 minutes with an estimate-they brought me to front desk to...

Coral Springs Animal Hospital / $10,251.00 to mis-diagnose my cat that died in CSAH care

Oct 10, 2012

went to CSAH for 2nd opinion - cat had gas in his intestines-was told after their tests that he had an obstruction in his intestines: sounded scripted = "a rock-bone-tumor or cancer of the lining of intestines" they were 100% sure!!! They cut my cats intestines open and found NO OBSTRUCTION...

Coral Springs Animal Hospital / Bad service

We went to Coral Springs Animal Hospital to have our dog checked out after he was very lethargic and weak looking. The vet saw him and said he may have a mast in his stomach. She said I will be right back and came back with two estimates. Truthfully, I have never seen anything like it...