Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Simi Valley, California, United States

Dr. Ron's Animal Hospital & Emergency / negligence animal cruelty, animal endangerment, rudeness, and price gouging!

Oct 22, 2018

My name is Robert Kopp. My dogs, Lola (8-years old Yorkshire terrier) and Tasha (5 years-old Pit Bull) have been Dr. Ron's patient for their lifetime along with our three cats (Harrison (deceased), Gracie (deceased), and JC (18 years old). We have always had the deepest respect for...

Waste Management [WM] / service and billing residential

Oct 15, 2018

Transferred service from one address to another because of moving. 2834 Watson, Simi Valley, CA 93065 to 928 Watson Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065. Did not receive information regarding transfer/service fees Was not given new Customer ID number Service was discontinued, no pick up on...

Gold's Gym / customer service

Oct 10, 2018

The customer service here is terrible, the greeters and staff are no professional, this gym went through 5+ general managers every time it changes a manager it also changes my billing plan. I have been trying to cancel my membership for two weeks and the general manager won't make time for...

Ross Dress for Less / store manager

Oct 06, 2018

Simi Valley store manager Joseph Is very rude to customers. I entered store today at 10:10pm and began shopping dresses. This so called manager started behaving crazy. I just started shopping and the manger yelled multiple times "These ladies are making mess". PLEASE CHECK THE STORE CAMERAS THE...

Executive Travel / travel services

Sep 06, 2018

We had a very bad experience with this company. Agents were very unprofessional and were not consistent between different people. In our BBB complaint reply, we were called slanderous and nothing but liars. (The person whom responds to complaints and reviews loves using the word...

Brian Laughlin / unethical farrier, liar, services paid for but never received

Sep 04, 2018

Brian is a pathological liar. He has no credentials yet tells everyone he's a licensed farrier. He is not licensed nor insured to haul horses, so if you entrust him with your animals and anything should go wrong, you will not be covered for damages!!! Do not trust this horrible man...

LG Electronics / dishwasher

Aug 22, 2018

We purchased an LG dishwasher and it failed, the 1st guy came out and changed the mothrtboard, it failed again, the second guy came out, and he took the front panel off, he couldn't find the issue, but, it started working again, but because he didn't know why it started working, he wrote...

Yoplait / strawberry yogurt

Aug 08, 2018

The strawberry yogurt came in an 18 pack that contained strawberry blueberry and a mixed berry flavor. The yogurt tasted a little like plastic but nothing too strong. It wasn't until the bottom of the cup that a slimy mass was noticed. The mass was very bitter and held it shape but was not...

Gold's Gym, Simi Valley, CA / general manager john franco, gm, simi valley, ca

Aug 08, 2018

On July 7, 2018, at approximately 1830 hours, after having talked to a Gold's Gym employee about personal training, a man, hereafter known as John Franco, stepped between me and my attempt to exit the gym at the turn style, and without any provocation or solicitation, in an angry voice...

7-Eleven / customer service for 7-eleven rewards

Aug 03, 2018

You have a serious problem with your 7-Eleven Rewards Customer Service Department. I phone in a complaint on or about July 18, 2018 regarding a purchase I made at the 7-Eleven store located at 5820 E. Los Angeles Blvd., Simi Valley, CA 93063 the day before. Two week went by without a...

Sun Communities / the girls in the office and the young couple that "manage" the park.

Jun 29, 2018

My mom lives in friendly village Simi Valley CA, and has for the past 4 years. Since she has lived there, I have met others in the community, and there is a common complaint about the management at the facility. Maybe others have complained that live there, but as an outsider, I see the...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / cashier

May 29, 2018

On may 29, around 5:40pm, my brother who is a member and I walked into the simi valley costco (2665 park center dr) to buy the $13 puma sandals. When my brother was looking at the sandals he realized he forgot his wallet and didn't have any cash on him so, I was like i'll pay with my debit...

Albertsons / employees working/slander

May 09, 2018

Hello, I was just inside your Simi Valley, California location trying to buy products from the store and my sister and I were accused of stealing. They employee stated that we came into the store with two girls who stole beer earlier. When we were alone and no one entered store at the same...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service with the manager complaint

May 05, 2018

I went into the Simi Valley CA location on 04/29/2018 at 5:06 pm and purchased three pair of shoes and a dress. When we got home we took out all the bags and I noticed my dress was missing. Since it was after hours and the store had closed already I decided to wait and call them at later...

Smashburger / food

Apr 27, 2018

Spent 30.62 got overcooked burgers that were cold fries that were cold, l sent back my burger and fries got back cold fries and incorrect burger. We waited 35mins for cold overpriced food. The only saving grace was the milkshakes. The waitstaff and cashier were nice and friendly, but the...

Bath & Body Works Direct / packaging

Jan 11, 2018

I got a huge package today for only a handful of products. I received a huge box, and a 10 foot long packaging paper and I think it is such a waste of paper and cardboard and I think you should follow in LUSH's footsteps with minimal/naked packaging. With the amount of ocean pollution, you...

Motel 6 / emergency customer service

Dec 14, 2017

On 12-14-2017 @ 12:00 PM my daughter and I smelled something that smelt somewhat like acetone coming from a hole in the wall where there are wires exposed and that looks like it used to be a power source and was never properly closed off. I called the front desk and was told they would...

Carl's Jr. / new salad not offered

Nov 22, 2017

hi! I read about your new cranberry apple salad even Jenny mc carthy was saying how good it was. I am disabled so invited a few friends over. They were going to pick up salads and bring them over. They also were excited about this salad. I even called the stores phone number to check. The...

Roland Gibeault / google+ account

Oct 29, 2017

Google is Demonetizing my Google+ account for no good reason! My account with Google+ is only Historical / Educational in nature and without malicious! I have been with Google form its conception with my e-mail account along with other Google Products! I'm baffled and it behooves me why...

California Virtual Academies / commitment from school to student family

Oct 19, 2017

All the commitment promised from the School has been decrease or even cancelled. The teacher usually needs to meet student and LC at least 4 times with a school year. But they erase this commitment with no guilt. The quarter meeting conference with teacher/LC/student 4 times with School...

Albertsons Pharmacy / pharmacy albertsons madera simi valley

Sep 27, 2017

Today I went into the Albertsons in Simi Valley on madera to put one of my many prescriptions in that I had just received from my doctor. It was for Norfolk #5. The girl Yashula said to me they couldn’t fill it until Friday. I am out and I am in the process of lowering the does on the pain...

Vons / simi valley store on yosemite and los angeles ave.

Sep 15, 2017

I am very disappointed with this store. The only reason i come here now, is because i live across the street yet, every time i come, I am let down. There are signs all over the store that state Vons prides themselves in their 3's a crowd policy, this store seems to never exercise this. The...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Unethical behavior

Aug 31, 2017

Good afternoon, My name is Samuel Carter and as I was leaving your Simi Valley location I was approached by one of your loss prevention officers who demanded my significant other show him the contents of her bag as we were leaving the store. All we purchased was soap, a lamp, and a few...

Von's Store # 2501 / service deli and disability motor scooters

Aug 04, 2017

Von’s Corp Office, I have been shopping at store #2501 Simi Valley, CA since they first opened. I have enjoyed the remodel many years ago and I am a “Just For You” coupon shopper. Over the years I have had very few problems that were usually resolved at the store management level. I shop at...

Kia Motors / customer service at 1st kia of simi valley

Jun 28, 2017

Hi! I was a potential Kia customer switching from Toyota but was awoken to a unprofessional, rude, nasty, horrendous customer service experience at 1st Kia of Simi Valley. I left that place so fast and will not be considering Kia anytime soon. Long story short, I was quoted a price for a...

Del Taco / the drive through host attendant very rude while taking our order. his name was cristobal

Jun 21, 2017

First of all I am reporting this incident because employees like Cristobal who attended us that night need to be punished and trained to respect customers because this will lead to a downfall of your business. In the early hours of 6/20/2017 at 12:45 am I drove to the Simi Valley California Del... / "never received my orders a variety of items too!"

Jun 08, 2017

My name is Angelina Drury and I ordered items from your company six months ago and never received the merchandise except a gold face mask. Also one of the items people. I dont appreciate that service I got at all. Your impossible to talk to as well!!! Wish I want my money... / unable to communicate with the company rotita to my satisfaction.

May 26, 2017

received merchandise on order number W1705030402312889, merchandise did not fit, entered ticket T5990114219 requesting return merchandise I was unable to send pictures of the merchandise on my computer but I did list the description of the T shirts and I closed the ticket by...

Quit Calling Me / Constant harassment that is going to legal

Apr 20, 2017

Tell your telemarketers to quit calling [protected] right now. If they don't, after I've told them 93487593847593847693847590328475 times to stop, I am going to the authorities and really raise hell. NO, I do NOT wish to change back to ATT after they let us go 2 months with NO...

Donnaplay / Fraud and false advertisement and unauthorized paid

Feb 06, 2017 have charged USD 15.99 every months from my VISA debit card since 2015, but I have never ordered a subscription. I come across the homepage and I might have been offered a trial subscription, but I have never accepted a paid subscription. I paid USD 15.99 last...

Gold's Gym / gym

Nov 15, 2016

That's because your Nazis and your org can't be trusted and has no credibility, butt the BBB does. Screw ewe Nazis and shamelessly on vets day. On Nov 11, 2016 11:52 AM, "Yelp HQ" wrote: NOV 11, 2016 | 11:51AM PST Hello, We're writing to let you know that we've removed...

123Inkjets / spam

Oct 24, 2016

I keep getting spam emails from this website 123InkJets. When I went online and checked the reviews I found out that I was not the only one who is getting spam messages from 123InkJets. I have no idea what this site is, I never used it and never ordered anything. I would like to know where...

Titan LED / Titan LED's Bulbs are the worst bulbs!!

Sep 26, 2016

Brian Hennessy of Titan LED sells refurbished LED bulbs My experience was to buy a lot of 10 LED bulbs with a Lifetime Warranty . Within just a few months of ocassional use the LED bulbs started failing. The customer service agent failed to respond to my EBay Message asking politely if...

Energy Wise LED Solutions LLC / Commercial LED lighting distributor

Sep 24, 2016

Please take a precious minute of your life to read my worst experience with - energy wise led solutions llcI am writing this blog to make everyone aware of this business out there who are cheating with usa citizens hard earned money. The energy wise led solutions llc are the big time...

Titan LED Brian Hennessy CEO, John Ruscigno VP, Tom Ristau, secretary, Deborah Hennessy, Sales Rep Titan LED / Is big time fraudster company!!! Never do business with them!!

Sep 20, 2016

Attention please!!! Don't invest in "titan led" After hearing alot about titan led. I invested into this company to become a business partner but unfortunately this did not work out!! In the beginning i went to meet brian hennessy – ceo at titan led after a long wait and we...

Titan LED / Unethical behavior

Mar 14, 2016

Titan LED and its owner Brian Hennessy have been involved in deceptive, fraudulent, and untruthful practices for quite some time now. For starters, they claim to be 100% USA manufactured LED bulbs yet they have been installing Chinese LED chips in them for a while now, all without alerting...

Sergio School of Trucking / Unethical Behaviour Refund Promised not given

Jan 27, 2016

Sergio School of Trucking Soliman Shehata aka Sergio has not refunded me as promised. I paid Sergio $900.00 he after being taught by his instructors the basic skills he decided I was not ready to take the In the street driving part of the test. He stated I was too slow a learner and kicked...

Empire Carpet / carpet and window coverings

Sep 15, 2015

Sub par customer service!! Installation is shabby and rushed. Was told that installers are employees of Empire Carpet, not contracted and all English speaking (sales guy's words, not mine) which surprised me as any installation of any kind is usually contracted. That was a ploy to get our...

Balloon Bonanza / Malfunction

Jul 25, 2015

Purchased 120 count water ballons. The number generated was about 50-60. Well over half never inflated with water, and many of those barely any water retained. Poor performing product, made in China (where else?), and certainly never recommend.

eBay / suspended my account

Mar 29, 2015

I've bought from ebay for 10 years or so but never set up a seller account. It's not easy to do on ebay especially when you have accounts with different email addresses. After hours of frustration and finally getting a couple items on ebay to sell I receive a email stating my...