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Pokerstars.com / Stalking/Harassing

Phantom Tom on Feb 22, 2018
At poker stars play times they have a band of people who's evidently are missing socials skills . These people stalk table, people just to harass and then in malicious lies. They also are very sarcastic, tell lies that a player said this or that in a conversation that was NEVER said. They...

Replicahause.nl / worst watch shopping experience!

David Keisha on Jan 23, 2018
I bought two replica watches, one AP and one IWC on December 2017. The AP got poor strap quality but we accepted it as it is just a replica. The IWC quality is really poor and even the leather strap same colour as shown on the website! I requested a refund for IWC( I received it on 16th...

Witchy Leeks Press: Lesley Jackson Flintshire Uk and PAP washed up for stalking trolling and hate / lesley jackson and pap john smith stalker and story of what they did evil [censor]

Witchyleeks on Jan 17, 2018
Witchy Leeks News We have been following a rogue group on facebook which started from a hate group 10 years or more called "coven of the fluffy bunnies" The administrator who set this up is Lesley ann Jackson from Flintshire uk, Boudica foster Margaret USA, Mr John Smith real name No...

Today's Women / today’s women need to come with warning labels

Dick Diggler on Jan 16, 2018
Today's Women Need To Come With Warning Labels Now that modern day society has forced humankind to obtain licenses for carrying virtually every type of weapon imaginable, it is now only fitting that today's modern day woman, having now been thoroughly brainwashed to "weaponize" their...

Celebrity Photo Agency / website - celebrityphoto.com

TellerofTruths26 on Jan 3, 2018
Celebrity Photo Agency is owned by Scott Downie (scott@celebrityphoto.com) and is a very shady website that uses/sells images of celebrities without consent or proper copyrighting. They use fake photographer names with their photo posts and do not reply to any customer inquiries contact...

Camden Legal Group / mortgage modification

Dorothy759 on Dec 21, 2017
This scam [ "still operating" is correct because Camden Legal Group was shut down once and Jimmy Swinder lost his law license] is still operating under the name "Camden Legal Group" The mailing address is a mail drop 9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Physical location is given: 8383 Wilshire Blvd...

Lesley Ann Jackson Flintshire Wales & Her "troupe Of Flying Monkeys: Acow" Hate Group Cymraes's Corner / when stalkers and cyber bullies are caught

diane acow on Dec 19, 2017
been reading about this nasty woman and honestly why don't you move on Uriah? who said it was a mix up is posted by her own daughter sorry URIAH your Lesley again just another troll name bahahahahahahahahahahaha ya clown nos This makes me sick it's no joke living with cyber bullie...

PsychicHelp.pro / psychic David / scam

Shannon567 on Sep 23, 2017
Pyshic David is a con artist! I have seen several emails that are nearly identical to mine but it was supposed to be written for me only. I really thought he understood my situation and wanted to help me. but he just wastes your time and manipulates you into giving more money. I emailed...

Pagans Against Plagiarism / lesley jackson wales cyberbully stalker finally caught

highpriestess on Jul 19, 2017
Pagans against plagiarism do not represent anyone as self appointed watchdogs they have landed on their [censor]. trolling, stalking, bullying, creating fake 5 star reviews on their colleagues boudica fosters books, cyberbullying and a 10 year campaign hiding behind troll names they are...

Sono Bello / the freezing and removing fat

Kimberly Portis on Jul 13, 2017
Son belle is a fraud, they don't tell you that if you have stretch marks the procedure make not work, or that if you don't have a flat enough already stomach that no matter how much fat that is being removed your stomach will not be like the commercials! I had a lower and upper abdomen and...
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