Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation / discrimination and rip off of purchase

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My name is peggy. the burlington coat factory on 47100 community plaza, sterling va store manager nila t 703-4040497. I arrived there around 11- 11:30 tuesday july 30 2019 to return some items I purchase on 5/27/2019 it was a pair of shiny street sil shoes $19.99, mcfb walk thru rom #ll631125mc $9.99, and ballet w/braid $14.99. my total price all together was $231.94. so the cashier on register 9 ask me if I had my receipt? I said yes so she start scan the 19.99 shoes and she sais these are 12.99 I said but I have my receipt! she said its coming up at 12.99, I ask to see a manager she began to get an attitude and put the items on another register so I said why should I lose money on my items when I have a receipt, she then quoted"I don't care". I was upset because she said that to me and I said I know you don't care [censored], because she was treating me like I was nobody, then the manager finally come up and said the price is 12.99. I then said again I paid cash for the item, she said the price is 12.99 and that what I get. I was so upset of how I was treated I just grab my item put them in the bag and told her I will get a lawyer. I never been treaed so rulely in my life. I will never shop in that store again because I felt as if the cashier wasdiscriminating against me. I think the cash should get fired because she have no customer experince at all. thank you my email address is [protected]

Jul 30, 2019
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  • Xi
      Jul 31, 2019

    Burlington in the bronx terminal has bed bugs. I took a video of a bug in one of the carts brought it to someones attention. Manager didn't even come to address me told the employee put the bed bug in a bag. SMFH!

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  • Re
      Aug 14, 2019

    Give her the cash back so she can buy herself a dictionary.

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  •   Aug 15, 2019

    Why are you blaming the lowly worker for the computers results??? Did you return them to the same store? Ex: I was at Michael's yesterday and I had done some online looking before I went. I had my phone geared up for "MY MICHAEL'S" but I didn't shop at that store yesterday. The regular prices at my Michael's is different (somewhat cheaper) than the store I ended up going to. It happens.

    Did these items have the scanned tag still attached? That should say how much something is. If that price and the scanned price differ then you need a manager to help. You should pay attention to what the register says versus what the tag says.

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