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Burlington Coat Factory Direct  -  wrongfully accused for looking like a known (theft).

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On 3/16/2020, around 2:35pm I richmond appiah came into the store with a friend pedro machado walked into the store (2952 third avenue, bronx ny, 10455), upon approaching the first floor, security aggressively rushed me and put his hands out to grab me which he did put his hands on me but I slapped it off wondering why he was coming off on me like that. From his mouth he told me I was not allowed in store and he was going to keep me there because I was a theft. At this point pedro and I are standing there lost and embarrassed extremely heart broken because we are regular customers. As the security who's attempting to find me on his phone saying "you are the black man who's stealing the jackets"another security officer who knows me in the store comes to handle the verbal altercation between pedro and and the officer. As i'm explaining what's going on the other officer is still claiming i'm him. I went to the store supervisor and told him about it. He said he spoke to him and how the security conducted his job was inappropriate and unacceptable. I as a person nor my friend or any of my friends will ever shop at any burlingtion coat factory again due to the huge embarrassment it caused me and my friend today. I will like to file a discrimination & harassment claim on the security officer who touched and wrongfully accused me. Btw I also made a purchase for a pair of black jeans for work, the reason I came to the store. The officer who I had this incident with name is aboubocar fadiga. The supervisor I spoke to name is anthony cabral.

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The same thing happen to me in california


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