Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporationrude associate

K Aug 06, 2018

On August 5th I was returning some merchandise that I had purchased. One of the items I had purchased was a picture frame and on the back of the picture frame it was put together with particle board and ribbon. The particle board and ribbon had come apart so that's the reason I was returning it.
As I was walking up to the front check out area, I didn't see anyone at the registers, but I see there were three people at the service desk. So I waited at the front registers for someone to either tell me to stay there or wave me to come up to the service desk, no one did. So I proceeded to walk up to the service desk and mention that I had a return would I need to wait back at the registers or would I be able to be helped here, still no one acknowledged me. I heard one of the ladies say to (Natalie- who waited on me) "are you open?", she replied, " I'm the only person open but I'm trying to get other stuff done". I stood there waiting for them to tell me which register to go to. Natalie waved her hand at me like she was directing traffic to register 7.
I put my bag on the counter and said I have to return and no sooner than I set the bag on the counter, Natalie jerked the bag towards her and started opening it, before I could even get the receipt out of the bag and hand it to her which is normally what I do if I return something. I was a little taken back by her attitude, like I was bothering her, but I didn't say anything.
I said to her that I was returning one of those items because it is broken and she said "DID YOU BREAK IT?". Honestly I had to catch my breath before I said something. When I did speak back to her I looked at the other sales associate standing right beside her and then back at Natalie and said "did I break it?, no, it was broken when I purchased it I just didn't realize it". WHO SAYS THAT TO A CUSTOMER???
It was all I could do to not just walk away, but I proceeded to get her name from her name tag and ask who her store manager was which she told me was Jean Global. She finished returning my merchandise, and I purchased my new merchandise and had completed signing the receipt. As I went to pick up the receipt to hand it to her and she pulled it out from under me and hand and said "that's mine" and I said oh okay I was going to hand it to you.
Natalie never told me to have a good day, never told me anything about the survey at the bottom of the receipt that the sale associates always tell you about. I have always have had the best service and good interaction with the sales associates.
I'm very disappointed with the fact that this lady was allowed to treat someone that way. I know for a fact that there were two witnesses to everything that happened except for the receipt issue at the very end of the transaction.

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