Burger Kingwrong order


I ordered 2 croissan'wichs with ham, cheese & egg, when I got home my sandwiches did not have any egg on them! Store on 8131 pat booker live oak, texas 78233. They forgot to put egg on my sandwiches. I don't live next door to the store so I didn't return the items to the store to correct the order. What can you do to correct this situation???

  • Updated by Dwight Carpenter · Oct 26, 2017

    Ordered 2 croissan'wichs, when I got home I noticed there was no egg on them. What Now, I didn't want to go back to the store on 8131 Pat Booker Rd. in Live Oak, Tx. 78233

  • Updated by Dwight Carpenter · Oct 26, 2017

    No egg on my 2 Croissan'wichs from 8131 Pat Booker Rd, Live Oak, Tx/ 78233

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