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I recently did pavement work for 14 burger king locations owned and managed by Spence Group Services a division of the spence family burger king chain. The work done was all above industry standard. I even did an additional $5600 worth of work for free in effort to establish a long term relationship with the customer. When it was time to get paid the nightmare started.

Once it was clear payment would be a problem I had the facilities inspected by industry professionals who all gave the work and materials used excellent ratings. I also started gathering information from previous contractors who had worked for them in the past, all of which have been jerked around and screwed by them. Fair warning to all contractors, do not do any work for Spence Group Services DBA Burger King. They will steal the food from your families table.

We are filing liens and plan on foreclosing on the properties all of which will cost us additional money not like we are not out enough already.


  • Do
    Dot Jul 19, 2008

    I called your restaurant this morning to find out how late they were serving breakfast and was told 11:00. But when I got there at 10:35 they stopped serving breakfast and changed the sign right in front of me. 10:30 is too early to start serving lunch. So since Mc Donald's right across the street was still serving breakfast until 11:00 I went there. I have been having a lot of problems with this particular Burger King so I guess I will just have to stop going there. A lot of times they can't even get your order right.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Jul 20, 2008

    It seems that the porterdale ga burger king has a drug dealer working nights there. His name is Hue and uses the bags and bathroom to do his crack dealing I don't think I would ever use this store.

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  • Aj
    A.J. Jul 24, 2008

    I just returned from the Burger King here in Salem, while i was there there was only 1 clerk on duty at the counter while the manager wandered about doing absolutely nothing, Well a man came in with his child which he had no control over and obviously didn't care while his child proceeds to crawl up on the counter yell into the register mikes and while running up and down the counter several times with dog feces on the bottom of his shoes. The manager after about 5 minutes finally gets off of her butt and pats him on the head smiles, laughs and walks back off and quietly out of the child's hearing range softly says "you need to get down now" and smiles having supposedly done her managerial duty. I then tell the clerk on duty about the dog crap on the bottom of the kids shoes and he then tell me well you do know your food is on a tray. I then started to tell him about cross contamination, if its on the counter then its on the bottom of my tray, when i put it on my table its then on my table. I my wife and 2 kids are not eating off of 1 tray because there to sorry to get out some disinfectant to wipe the counter down. another 10 minutes later our food is finally ready and the manager wanders by and actually hands us our food then began to give me lip when I said your not putting that on the counter.

    This fast food establishment has really really gone down hill over the past few years, I have had large groups of managers actually block the doors and refuse to move because they didn't want to put out there smoke, wrong orders are the norm here. rude and uncaring employees and management. Its truly sad, Burger King used to be one of my favorite places to stop now in only stop in one out of necessity when forced to.

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  • Sh
    Shannon Aug 29, 2008

    Yes, burger King does have Drug Dealers at their stores. Here in Omaha, Nebraska you can buy Drugs, from any of the Burger Kings in Town. The one's that are guilty are the Manager's. They will buy and sell for any one they know, wheather, it's to an employee or someone outside there store, all you have to do is know someone. If you sell it to them they even give free food, just for the trouble their Dealer has to go through to bring it to them. Every one of the Managers should be Drug Tested and subject to Random Drug Testing. It's pretty bad when the people who serve you are High all the time and the ones that are supposed to be in charge are selling to them and smoking with them. It is all over this town, in everyone of the stores.

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  • Ki
    kitty Aug 31, 2008

    This Burger King in Porterdale, Ga is awful the service is bad the food is cold . The hamburgers are really flamed boiled, and dry and black. The fries are cold and taste like potatoe chips .
    The people that work there look like they are on drugs and don't care about them self nor what they serve customers.
    I'ts sad that they serve people cold nasty food and people be in the dining room acting like it's club burger king. Instead of a restaurant. What happen to the famous word of burger Have it you way lol. p.s. They are having it THERE WAY

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  • Si
    Simon Mar 08, 2009

    I went through the drive through with a friend and we ordered enough food for the two of us, and two drinks. Got to the window, paid, and got our drinks. The girl started to hand us a bag, and Manager Randy (and obviously the QUEEN of Burger King, I must add), starts telling her that she had the wrong order and didn't know what she was doing, and she was just wasting his time. She came back to us and even had to ask if we had paid or not, she was so stressed by the Burger Queen.

    So the girl looked in the first bag and established that it was our bag, after all. Did Burger Queen settle down and apologize? No. So she handed the bag she was trying to hand out in the first place to us. Then she handed us a second bag. Burger Queen was confused since there were two bags, and decided to tell the girl what a waste of time she was to him. I glanced in the bags, and they looked like what we were supposed to have. We were so embarrassed for the girl that we just drove away. Then I started looking for the napkins. Randy the Burger Queen had freaked her out so bad she couldn't even remember to load a bag with some napkins.

    Thanks, Randy, for another great experience. Good luck on teaching that group of trailer park boys (we all know why you keep hiring them) to count to six, nine, and 12 when filling the cheesy tot orders. Those are all even numbers, so why do I keep getting odd numbers of tots when I orders?

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  • He
    Helen Jones Mar 08, 2009

    " Good luck on teaching that group of trailer park boys (we all know why you keep hiring them)"

    Comments such as this make me loose all pity I had for you.
    Next time lose the prejudice.

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  • Ne
    Neal Mar 15, 2009

    9 is not an even number...guess the Queen has one up on ya huh? Burger King has a drive-thru efficiency goal of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get you in, ur order taken, and get u out of that lane before the clock hits 2:30. Yes, management at Burger King can be difficult and prickish sometimes...but at the same time, you put YOUR ### on the front, back, and supervisor levels all at the same time, for an 8, sometimes a 16 hour shift, and then tell me that YOU wouldn't stress the hell out! I do work there, and can speak from experience, and its jerks like you who come through the line and think that YOU are the ONLY car/person who got waited on the whole freakin day! Bottom line is, most Americans work for a living, and if you wouldn't want the same judgement and harrassment on YOUR job...then don't go berating and posting negative comments about someone doing theirs.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Strange Apr 23, 2009

    When would you be forced to go to Burger King? Oh, wait, does the Burger King have a gun to your head? If so, just type "Almonds are both nutritious and delicious" and I will email the police.

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  • Pa
    Paul Apr 29, 2009

    My children were mortified by the crazy commercial using poor lyrics and bad visuals trying to sell a Sponge Bob square pants kids meal. They were not impressed and somewhat grossed out! It is a 'KIDS MEAL' not an adult product. Sexual and disgusting lyrics will not sell this to young children and Burger King should be ashamed for stooping so low. The CREEPY King character used to represent Burger King is bad enough.

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  • Li
    Lisa May 03, 2009

    I Was a Team leader for Heartland Blood Center. I went for lunch to the subway sandwich shop. I had to walk across the parking lot to cross MClean BLVD, and twisted my ankle in a pot hole, fell to my knees tore my scrubs hurt my rotator cuff when I broke my fall. I got back to my feet after the fall before a car hit me. I dusted off my clothes and limped across MClean Blvd. I sat down in the Subway store due to pain in my knees. A co-worker came into the store and I told her what happen she asked me to ride back to the blood center in her car. Once in the blood center my supervisor put ice on my knee. After work I went to the burger king restaurant and filed an incident report. By this time my limp was greater. I then drove home half way there if realized that I did not take a picture to the hole. I drove back to elgin and used my camera phone and took a picture. By Sunday my ankle was swollen so I went to Emergency room to take X-rays. I was given crutches and an air cast. My new job required that I not miss more than two days or I will loose my job. When I got to work in Elgin on Monday morning the Claims adjuster from Gill management called me about the accident. She said she could not see the pot hole because it had been filled over the weekend. I told her that was not a problem because I have pictures of the pot hole. Two weeks later my shoulder started hurting and by 3 .5 weeks I could not lift a pen. I went to the emergency room on a Friday to make sure my arm was not broken. They determine my rotator cuff was injured and gave me a shot to relax the muscles. I missed work the next day.

    I did not asked for any of this. My new job paid me $17.00/ hour and time and half on the weekend. I submitted my bills for chiropractor - $1000.00, Blue cross Blue shield $900.00, $362.00 lost wages and deductibles. and $2138.00 for pain and suffering. Total claim including medical bills $4, 400.00

    Gill management has denied the claim and accused me of walking into the pot hole. I no longer have my job and drawing blood while of crutches was a contributing factor. This was not my fault and Burger King say they are not liable for the holes in their parking lot.

    Consumer beware do not try and be honest and work with the insurance company in an equitable manner. You must get a Lawyer if not you will be screwed over big time. I am not going to stop. I will go to [redacted].com and warn the consumer. It is wrong to sue a company just because you have a small injury. But this company has a responsibility to keep their property in order as to not cause injury to the customers. I did not get a lawyer because everything presented to them was in order, and properly documented. Use what happen to me and do not get screwed over.

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Aug 11, 2009

    "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"
    Sorry...I love Spongebob but even I thought this commercial was extremely low. Subjecting my children to that crap will earn nothing but a hearty "Farewell" to the King!

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  • Wa
    Waiela Jan 07, 2010

    If you obtain a lawyer, the lawyer has the professional experience to apply pressure, and the appearance is that you are willing to pursue the issue legally. The response that you have received was merely done to thwart your individual efforts. You must pursue this issue with legal representation. It is the principle sometimes, and not the monetary. However, they are liabale for your injury due to negligence in not maintaining the parking lot for customer's. Do not let this go with a mere shrug. That is why we say, no one can take away the knowledge. You need someone to help you with the knowledge and experience.

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  • Ka
    katherine m james Sep 03, 2010

    I have had my coffee at burger king for three years. Today I don't know what you are serving but that stuff is not coffee...
    this is some bad stuff. I want things my way I want my coffee back. HAVE IT YOUR WAY and I am not. From Olean NY

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