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B Aug 16, 2018 Review updated:

Every time to I go to the Burger King on Crismon and Southern in Mesa, Arizona, the people are rude and plain out just don't care. They have 2 drive throughs, one in which I waited for 20 minutes saying hello several times for someone to answer me or at least take my order, didn't get either. I watched the other cars in the other drive thru who arrived later get their orders taken, so I thought that drive thru was maybe broken but the lady before me gotten taken care of. I backed out of that drive thru went to the other and again had to wait before someone finally got to me, I understand if it happens once on a very busy day but this Burger King always gives me issues every time I come here and they are never that busy. Being a newer and nicer Burger King establishment, Would assume it would have nicer customer oriented associates.


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    9wood Aug 16, 2018

    maybe could of gone inside if wait was that long

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