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To whom it may concern,

I find myself writing to you because of the recent visit I just had at my local Burger King store #16406 located on 7100 Coastal Palms Blvd, Panama City Beach, Florida 32408.

My husband made a trip to this Burger King to get himself 2 Whoppers a large fry and for me your Rodeo Burger. When he returned he was pulling the food out of the bag and asked me if this was the correct Burger. Upon seeing it I told him no this is not a Rodeo Burger, I proceeded to pull the picture up to show him what the burger look like. Checking the receipt he saw that he was charged a dollar for this little baby Burger.

I have attached two pictures, one picture showing the burger that I'm holding that is supposedly your Rodeo Burger, and the other picture is the supposed Rodeo Burger sitting next to your Double Whopper. The only thing on it is a tiny patty, pieces of onion rings and a dab of sauce.

This is the second time we have had an issue with this location within a couple weeks time, the last time my husband ordered a Whopper, it didn't have lettuce tomato or onion on it. We were upset to say the least but let it go, however, this time we are just plain mad!! You can see what we got for the Rodeo Burger, this is total disappointment for us to say the least!! Apparently your employees don't know what or let alone how to make your food properly!!

This will be the last time I ever give you my business let alone any positive feedback!!


Robert & Sheryl Phillips

Burger King

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