Burger Kingraw food and lack of complaint response

B Sep 07, 2018

On July 10, 2018 I stopped by your restaurant # 20803 and purchased a Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich to take back to the office for lunch.
I was pretty hungry so I ate the fries on the ride and took a couple of bites of the sandwich and thought it felt a little strange so I wrapped it back up and went on to work. When I opened the sandwich and looked at it I found out why it felt odd, it was raw. (Photo attached). The receipt says "LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, VISIT WWW.MYBKEXPERIENCE.COM" so I thought that might be a good spot to let BK know my experience. No reply. FYI-Validation Code was FF63234.
I waited a week and didn't hear anything so I thought I would go to the stores website and e-mail address and see what response I received from them. Again nothing.
So I thought as an experiment I'd see if I heard anything from corporate.
I understand that things happen but the lack of any response when they do and someone points it out to them shows some deeper problems.

raw food and lack of complaint response

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