Burger Kingpoor work ethic and incorrect order

S Aug 16, 2018

I ordered a #3 with extra bacon and cheese with a Sprite. When I got home I had a doubdle cheese burger with just ketchup and a pink lemonade that tasted like it was half water. I then called the store too let them know that our order was not correct. The lady at the window is the same lady that served us and she was EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful when I called back. I stated I didn't receive a receipt but my boyfriend had misplaced it and then found it so that was my mistake but the lady said she was going through the orders and no one had even came through and ordered anything I said I ordered and I hadn't even been home ten minutes. I am looking at the reciept and the food so I know I was there! She continued too please her case and then hung up on me. I called the store back and she answered and hung up immediately! I do not appreciate the way I was treated and I SPENT MY MONEY AT YOUR LOCATION! I WORK in customer service myself and the way she treated me is very unprofessional and I WILL NOT be returning too your store nor will I ever have anything else too say.. I will be back too speak with a manager because the fact that you all are employing ignorant idividuals is crazy!!! Whom ever runs this store should care more about their job because the people they hire are HORIIBLE AND THEIR WORK ETHIC IS TRASH!

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