Burger Kingnot recognizing the senior citizen discount


I went to a Burger King Harrison avenue in Cary, North Carolina on 10/25/2017 around 9pm and was planning on getting dinner for my wife and myself. I was in the drive thru line so I gave the person my order and let them know I was a senior citizen and would like to get that discount. That person didn't say anything so I proceeded to pay for our meals. The person gave me the total and I asked does that included the senior discount. She paused and then said we don't give discounts to seniors. I've read were you do give discounts. I would've like to seen that she would've checked with her manager. But she didn't so I decided to forget about getting the food and I drove off. I just recently became a senior so I would like to be recognized and given the discount. She wasn't very friendly so that doesn't sit well with me either. You tell me why I should want to go back to Burger King. I hope to hear from you.


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