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Manager cassandra at job title burgerking aprx 10/26/17 @910pm mst
she refused my order said right to refuse my order bcuz she cant add 10 piece nuggets to my order when there was nobody behind me in the drive thru. She said it would be nice if i order all my stuff at once. I dont see why she do that. She slamed the door window closed an otger employee were looking at her like she was wrong. Then i went inside to tell her i want to complete my order she still refused an i wasnt rude at all she had to lie an say i told her to " take my [censor] money" first of all i dont speak like that in front of my kids nor do i talk like that to ppl. This lady isnt happy with her job she cussed at me yelled at me an called me names in front of the lobby ppl some left an drive thru was full she was standing there saying she owns burgerking shes the new owner. I have never seen a manager act like this bcuz i buy fast food perferably burgrking on the wknd spending 40$ shes the first person that has done this. She needs to be replaced wit someone who will care abt customer orders an make them feel like they had a good visit. She chased away lotsa ppl by her foul languages in front of her employee an kids in the lobby. She was rude an didnt even apologize. She looked intoxicated an not fit for her job duties. Please please find a diff manager whose happy to let us purchase food from burgerking without being rejected cuz we cant add 1 item to our order. She raises her voice at customers an we really feel that she is not entitle to give burgerking of page arizona the best customer service possible with her lazy, selfish attitude a GOOD PLACE to dine or take a family out. Please check the camera an look into this!!! we want a new manager for our local burgerking of page az. We want to eat happy and order happy.!! why would she refuse service at burgerking cuz she cant give us extra nugggets in our drive thru order an we havent paid yet too. So she had a problem with adding 1 item to our order. Thats very selfish an rude!!! we just wanted our food an she should stay home where she can be lazy. Let someone with a good customer service skill work at burgerking and lead the other innocent employee to a better enviroment for the ppl that want to eat at bk. Somone came out after us at her work place and said shes embezzling money from burger king described as : cassandra takes an order an when customer leaves takes the food and mins later she either cancels it or refunds customers latèr then puts the cash in her pocket.!!???"""" plz look into this! we want a trouble free enviroment eat place an im truly saddened by this horrible experienced by this foul mouth manager u ppl let working as a manger at bk. She has poor service and really bad anger problems. She was rude from the moment we got there by the drive thru window!!! please replace her or suspend her. Of possible i like an apology so i can continue taking my family to eat there or repplace her so i can order from a happy employee whose gonna add extra nuggets to my order. !! plus she does she really have the right to refuse order at bk??!!! if no then u need to replace her. Check the cameras plz! she said she was being treated rude an she was the only one talking at the drive thru window. All i ask is to add an item she didnt and got mad. She needs to apologize. My bame is kim williams my phone # [protected]
also a customer called police too for a disturbance at burgerking so he told me to do a complaint an told her to write a report to her supervisor. Thank u please be considerate on this report.

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