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J Oct 30, 2018
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On Saturday October 27 2018 I came to work I was scheduled 11am to 8 pm and clocked in a little before my shift started then I got ready to get a bank but the GM Sean Morris told me (with sarcasm) don't bother you won't be here all day.. leaving me confused as I was scheduled for a 9 hour shift and always cashier either at the counter or drive through when I replied I was scheduled until 8 he said he knew as he was too I said then if he had a problem he could send me home then but he said no and that I was to just use his bank at the drive through, after taking care of a couple of customers the credit card Machine started declining cards it said batch set full? when I told him the customers card got declined because of the batch issue he asked me what I did to mess it up and told me to run it in two payments which didn't work then got mad and said it was my fault because it worked until I got there then walked away to fix the issue when the customer who didn't have cash sat there for 6 minutes I went to find him to see how to handle it or if it was fixed he screamed at me to just give the customer his order which I immediately went back and did when Florence came into work he pulled me off the drive through and when I asked him where he wanted me he replied with just go over there and do whatever motioning towards the fry station so I did after replying once again that if there was an issue with me being there I would be happy to go home which he once again denied after Florence was there for a few minutes on drive through he remarked loud enough for me to hear at the fry station how the drive through time was down 1 second.. as I stayed because of the busyness of the day I told the other manager that was there I really wanted to go home he said just go but I didn't because I didn't feel he could let me go without my being fired being second under the GM Sean after the rush I was having a headache and panic attack sick to my stomach because of the interaction with the GM the other manager Cynthia told me to get a drawer for the front counter I told her no I was going home I was sick and asked Sean to leave he said I could go.. so Sunday, Monday, and today after waking up sick and having a panic attack I have called in sick when Sean told Noe I needed a doctor note to be able come back I told Noe I don't have insurance or money to go to a doctor so if Sean was going to fire me he could then I called later and spoke to Noe explaining why I have been sick.. depression he said Sean said for me to not come back, I am assuming I was fired today and asked Noe to see if I could give a two week notice and just not schedule me so I won't have to explain why I am fired on the application I am now filling out to find a new job. On a secondary note I have not been late to nor left early from work in the months I have worked there and have always tried to do my job efficiently. Joyce Scott aka Joy

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