Burger Kingcustomer service

K Aug 07, 2018

It was 9:45 pm and instead of going inside the restaurant because I knew the dining room was closing soon I decided to go through the drive thru. I placed my order and when I went to pick up my order they denied me service as I was on my bicycle. I was surprised seeing how Mcdonalds welcomes bicyclists to there drive thru. So after the person wouldnt serve me I wanted to go in the dining room as they were still open and this girl at the dining room register said "tell the lady she is [censored] out of luck to the lady working the drive thru. I just looked at her in shock and the lady yelled again and said "maam your [censored] out of luck". I was beyond upset on how rude and how she used foul language on me like I was a joke on a bicycle. Maybe there is some rule about it but in no way should I have been treated so poorly. It was embarrassing and degrading to say the least. Please contact me as Im not sure what I will do next. Thank you

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