Burger Kingcharging to add toppings even when asking to remove other toppings

I Nov 16, 2018

Hello, so the past few times my girlfriend and I go to BK I like everything but onion a she only likes lettuce and mayo on majority of sandwiches, why the hell is there a charge to add lettuce or tomato on a sandwich when you ask for a sandwich that only has cheese, ketchup and mustard?? makes no sense. I thought BK is suppose to let customers have it their way? "BK have it your way", and yet be charged to add a simple piece of lettuce and mayo and asking to remove other toppings such as ketchup, tomatoes, pickels? always for you to rip off the community? we live in olean ny where we have 2 bks. well we have always been going to WEndys where it Is simple they have lettuce and mayo on all sandwiches and if you ask for lettuce and tomato on it they do not charge it!!! see that makes sense, your corporate sucks. Wendy's rules.

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