Burger King 733not accepting "happy guy gift card"

P Sep 10, 2018

I purchased a "happy guy gift card" at Vons in Whittier the amount of $125.00. The card has several vendors printed on the front "Burger King" being one of the vendors. Saturday 09/08/2018 I used the card at store 733 Whittier Ca. with no problem a very young cashier took 5 seconds to look at the card instructions "process as credit" not "gift". However Sunday didn't go well, a different cashier processed as "gift" he repeated its not being accepted! I told the BK employee it needs to be processed as "credit" look at the cards instructions, he went on to say "no I can't its a gift card" I will get in trouble. This was taking time he then turned to a mgr. and they also... not looking at the card said it needs to be processed a gift card you have no funds on the card. I had to drive back home to get cash to complete my breakfast order that I promised my grandson from this BK. I was extremely upset for all this necessary frustration spending $125.00 on card that I can't use at my local BK because of some ignorant Bk employees, inconveniencing customers. The card # [protected] valid thru 02/27 ccv code 090 can be verified of funds by contacting [protected].
For any additional info please feel free to contact me at [protected]
Phillip Castillo

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