Burberry Groupsuit alterations

A Aug 14, 2018

Hello there,
I am incredibly dissatisfied by the service I have received at the Burberry store in Knightsbridge. I bought a suit that was for my graduation, so it was rather a special occasion. The suit was fitted and altered. When It was being fitted, I specifically asked the young man to turn up the trousers on the suit with space for me to take them down. This would allow me to keep the turn up style that I prefer, but still with material to take them down if I so wished in the future. As I said, this was an important event and I gave Burberry more than two weeks to complete the tailoring to a good standard. I came back close to the graduation date to find the suit had been tailored wrongly - without a turn up, with material cut to short for the turn up to be incorporated and with enough space to take the trousers down if I need to. I'm incredibly angry. The fact that your staff think that an acceptable response was simply an apology. I've spent money on a suit and I come to Burberry for quality and for 0 mistakes. Yet I have left the shop worse of as a result of your employee's negligence. I then spoke to the manager about the issue, to which I was made to seem like the unreasonable party. Anika told me that she would try to source a new pair of trousers and that she would get back to me by the end of the day via text, failing to do so she would definitely have the issue resolved within the week. I head nothing that day, and nothing three weeks later. I am now not only annoyed that your staff do not care that a customer has spent a lot of money on a suit, which due to their negligence has left me in a position where I've now lost the investment - as a long lasting item that can be further tailored if needs be; but I'm also disgusted that Anika herself has written this issue off and has simply said ‘we've said sorry, that's it'. I'm a loyal Burberry customer and this has been the worst experience I've had. I had to take the suit that day because I needed it for the Monday, three days away with no time to have another suit altered.

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