Buffalo Wild Wingsservice

S Aug 18, 2018

Came in at 12:00 maybe 12:05 was sat down.We sat there for about 15 minutes before I decided to get a manager (Thomas). Many servers looked at us and never came so he got someone to come over and take us. Richard was very nice and took care of us. Then we sat there for about another 20 minutes or so already done with our appetizer and waiting on the food. By this time last call was yelled at 12:35 still no food we got our food around 12:45 maybe 12:50. My ceaser salad didn't have any ceaser dressing. So I had to ask for it. Thomas didn't even come to check on us after I had talked to him, nor did he check after we got our food. I work in a food establishment I know that when a table sits for a while how they are and my manager would check on them do everything in their power to make the customer happy and this establishment did not. None of the staff, including thomas, seemed lazy and careless. (Except Richard) Honestly the worst experience by far.

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