Budget Suites of Americarun down and nasty

S Sep 08, 2018

When this place water their grass and trees they use way to much water and it runs off about a 1000 gallons or maybe more a day, the ground is hard the water is wasted. They are pine needles all-over he driveway and stinks with mold etc, and they don't fix what the see neither.
I would like to see the outside cleanup of all needles and they need to aerate the lawn to better soak up the water and better schedule the watering time by shorting the time and to increase the time a little. And to pressure wash all the walkway to remove the blackness on the them and to fix all the bad lights outside. This place looks run down and ugly, and the garbage needs to be pressure wash also, very nasty, this place can look a better they need to do a whole lot of work.

  • Updated by Sambot · Sep 11, 2018

    This budget suites of America, 2219 N Rancho Dr Las Vegas, NV 89130

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