Budget Suites of Americaillegal lockout

C Aug 12, 2018

After living there since June 7th we were locked out without notice all because my roommate Sabrina Burnett had taken her name off of the room. You locked me away from my shoes my glasses my wallet my credit cards I safe my art my clothes my purses 20 designer purses my laptop my tablet my groceries my towels and then I was told that I could come back later and get them how can you do any of that without shoes and money. But I do have is a damn good lawyer I think you could have his name is Aaron Herbert everybody should know him he never loses. After a person has been at your hotel for 30 days that makes them a tenant not a guest not have to even be registered because it's the persons that are there that has to be evicted that means a formal eviction process I hear that my stuff was thrown away after I was told by the guard and the amount manager Perry that my stuff would be safe that's thousands and thousands of dollars someone needs to get something right I'm next door at the storage buildings if someone wants to take care of the problem. And how can you charge me $50 extra for unregistered guest when half of the people that live there are and I have proof of that

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