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I bought Bristol West 1 year Auto Ins and made 2- 6 months payment each year At the end of 3 years I did not renew and bought from another co. In my 40 years of buying auto ins I never paid monthly (and so any carry over would have to be at least 1-6 month policy payment for the next policy year) At the end of each policy year I usually shop around for a better deal and then decide whether to move on or renew and I never had a problem doing so . I was shocked when a collection co. called about a passed payment for one month, claiming I owed for the first month of a new policy year which I never renew

Bristol west cannot get away with this scam, and other non insurance companies are doing the same renewal without consent...class action threat is our only hope. These companies have no respect for consumers.


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Mar 02, 2011 12:01 am EST

I had a genuine problem of my card being stolen, but they said that they were not notified and could not help me at all. They are making me pay 3 times my insurance plus a new insurance for 6 months which I don't need (just need for another 2 months), they are ripping people of on fees, be careful as they are not at all cooperative with their customers.