It says on its website that you get the deals (in my case comcast double play-internet and cable tv) for 66/month for twelve months. After signing up for service, comcast revealed that they have that deal only for 6 months. When I tried to confront Bridgevine, they told me Comcast has the final say. It sure is a scam to get the people to subscribe to cable and different bundles. So beware of Bridgevine. I have yet to see if they gonna honor that $ 225/ cashback thing. I woudn't be surprised if they don't.


  • Ja
    Jay Sep 22, 2008

    They don't know what they are doing. I called them for cable/internet service and the operator offered me Time Warner and took my credit card for equipment purchase, taking a long 30 minutes. Later when confirming with Time Warner for an installation date, I am told my address is not serviced by Time Warner.

    Called back to the Bridgevine, the customer service merely saying their computer shows it a serviceable address (it is not their fault) and hanging phone. No apology.

    Don't be surprised should they have change their promises sooner or later.

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  • Va
    valorie adams Oct 13, 2008

    ohh, rebate, that's what lured me. dumb me. I called for internet connection for my lap top & was given the 19.99 price for 6 months, but 2 months into this service was told this was not the correct fee. the fee would 20 something more because of lap top. what a fraud. I also have not received my rebate check, and this was the end of June when I mailed my rebate information in. Sounds like class action suit or attorney general intervention is needed.

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  • To
    Tom Kicior Oct 28, 2008

    NEVER BUY FROM BRIDGEVINE. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE YOUR REBATE. I ordered a modem and router through bridgevine and supposedly internet service through them for Time Warner - Road Runner. In order to get the rebate I had to be signed up for Time Warner through Bridgevine for 2 months. Well bridgevine got my $100 for the modem and router, but didn't sign me up for the service. When I contacted them through email, I recieved incompetent responces and never recieved help on how to sign up for the service without being sent another router and modem. Bridgevine phone customer service may not even exist because I never got through, and gave up after an hour. This would all be fine if i could return the modem and router to bridgevine but they charge 20% for restocking, plus the $15 originally to ship the product, plus anouther $15 to ship back to them. Essentially it would cost me $50 just to return the products. At this point I am cutting my losses because even if i figured my problem out, i never want to do business with them again.

    Does anyone know anywhere to report a shady company like this?

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  • Jc
    J Clemick Nov 10, 2008

    D-Link is a rip off---Don't belieive them about rebates and service. They messed up every aspect of my deal. I still cannot get my rebate, after I finally found the form they sent me back a post card that says "it wasn't purchased in the correct date time frame"--what a crock---I would NEVER buy from them again.

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  • Ca
    Cathy Ziegler May 22, 2009

    When you find out you've been had by their rebate trick, they charge you an outrageous restocking fee for returning the so-called rebate eligible items.

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  • veromark Jun 18, 2009

    Hello everyone,

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with Bridgevine. I work at Bridgevine and don't like to see unhappy customers. Please email me your confirmation code if you still have it and I'll personally look into this matter and report directly back to you.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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  • Pd
    PDay Jun 26, 2009


    I also was scammed by Bridgevine. I ordered equipment that Time Warner then told I didn't need so I returned it but never received a credit or refund. All inquiries were ignored

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  • Ri
    ridgerunner Jun 28, 2009

    I signed up for DSL thru Bridgevine and did receive everything i ordered and my service was activated through my ATT phone service. I did send everything necessary to receive my rebates both from ATT & BRIDGEVINE.
    that was back in early MARCH 09 but i still have not received any rebates. I was just on the phone with a rep from att and he gave me this number to call and see if they can help me perhaps it might help others.
    It is 1-877-258-1427 you must call between 7AM-7PM M-F. of course maybe its a phony number too. i guess its take a chance if you want.
    Other thah getting the rebates i was promised i am very please with ATT'S service. hope this will help.

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  • Br
    Bridgevine Bait and Switch Jul 17, 2009

    I have the same problem of bait and switch!! I am still waiting for a rebate for Comcast Triple Play. This is a definite purpose driven Scam!! Just make it as hard as you can and must of their customers will give up in disgust!! It should be noted that Bridgevine is a third party, and that their decisions are not necesarily those of the Companies they sell for. In the same vein, the Companies they represent and sell for are responsible to their CUSTOMERS. ATT, Comcast and others MUST be aware of the shoddy, underhanded and deceitful methods being used to rip off customers by Bridgevine. The bottom line is that I, We have been taken to the cleaners and the Companies, ATT, Comcast and others don't seem to mind one bit as long as they have a new customer!! I advise those that have not received fair treatment contact their State Attorney General Office and lodge a formal complaint.

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  • Iw
    iwantmyrebate Jul 21, 2009

    Here's the email that I just sent to Mark Ballard of Bridgevine:

    Hello Mark,

    I've been scanning the many complaints against your company in regards to the Time Warner Cable equipment rebates that are advertised under

    I had no idea that I was involved in a 3rd party company until the equipment arrived at my home w/"offerwire" in the header. I knew I was in trouble when I attempted to call the customer care # & received rude, inefficient, scripted representatives that definitely did not care how they were representing their company. The whole experience was long, draining, & ultimately another example of why this country will always be deficient in matters of business growth. We are scamming one another & I am so over it. Aren't you?
    It's truly a travesty that many people have had to endure what I have this evening. Your company has upset so many people... It's truly disgraceful & ultimately unacceptable.

    Please contact me in regards to the order of operations needed to be executed in order to receive my rebate.

    I feel misled & abused by your promotion. I would like to avoid any legal proceedings hence forth. All I want is the rebate that was promised to me.

    No magazine subscriptions. No dating advice. Nothing more than the money that I've already spent, returned as a rebate.

    Please contact me via email or telephone.

    I look forward to discussing the solution to my issue.

    Now, let's see if I get any action.
    Anyone get a reply from Mark? Looks like he's replying, but no comments on resolution from the public.
    I am prepared to be as tenacious as necessary. I feel bad for the people that simply do not have the stamina to see the process through. I know that there are reports on Better Business Bureau website, but this practice of placating, stupifying, & funneling through a convoluted process is NOT ok. I'm tired of giving my hard earned money away to thieves. Haven't we had enough of this BS?

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  • veromark Sep 11, 2009


    I respond to every email that I receive. I have never received one from someone called "iwantmyrebate" can I assume you sent it under a different name?

    I can honestly say that we have resolved every issue that has been emailed to me. Unfortunately people don't always go back and post a thank you on sites like this, and that's okay I don't expect them to. If you email me your order confirmation number I will certainly get to the bottom of this matter and contact you directly.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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  • Tn
    t. nosack Oct 30, 2009

    I did the Comcast-Offerwire rebate, which sounded too good to be true because it was so much money; in fact it has been too good to be true, requiring five separate rebates to five separate locations with two different timing requirements. I made the sales person send me the forms before I would complete the transaction, because the silly site would not allow me to download them. I meticulously completed the forms, copied them and when sent in one was "lost" and one "lacked the original proof required" although it was taped to the form. I got the second issue fixed with a call - when I said I had a photocopy, they said, "gee it is right here" and processed it. The lost one would not process so I sent it in two more times - then it processed after I send a letter threatening to sue (I have cheap, good legal service available).
    I still have only received three of the five rebates, and each time I call they move alone the process another step - but not before. Oh yea - and the online rebate system has been offline more than half of the times I tried to track status.
    It has been a horrendous waste of time, with a process that is designed to lose people along the way (not a surprise) I am willing to bet you are able to maintain less than a 30% payment rate on the complete rebate package overall.
    I will tell you who I am because I am still missing two rebates (and they are after the wait time) and this has become a personal challenge. I am actually looking forward to needing to sue over a $50 rebate - if I do I will make it a complete, detailed accurate and entertaining story on a web site that gets offerwire, brdgestone and comcast noticed on search engines. I am kind of anal about details and documentation, so it would be really fun.

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  • Pd
    PDay Oct 30, 2009

    I have to say that dealing with the company was a nightmare with no results, however, once my complaint was posted here Mark was very helpful. My issues were referred to the Sr VP of Marketing & I received my refund within a week.

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  • Da
    Dangest Feb 11, 2013

    I'm glad I read reviews. I'm gonna go spend the money with Comcast directly. Fu*** bridgeswine. That company is the reason America is failing.

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  • Ch
    Christina N57 Jul 27, 2014

    I recently ordered comcast Internet and cable. I was quoted a $50 install and a $96 (total+tax) bill through comcast bridgevine. I have a confirmation email staying this. Then 6 hours later I get an email from comcast with my bill total, which is completely different. The modem is $9 per comcast instead of $7 per bridgevine, the instal is $70 per comcast, and there is a $10 few per moth for HD and I was told specifically that Hd and DVR were included in my package. This is a huge communication error between comcast and Bridgevine and it is not my fault, it's theirs.

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