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I have a Breville Fruit Juicer JE-24. it is a birthday present I accepted last year. I have started to use it for last 3 months. it was ok at the beginnig but then I had a problem, it was hard to remove its steel filter. I have sent an email to Breville UK for my request but they sent me this : "The only suggestion we have is that you press the juice collector and the extractor down and turn anti-clockwise, to take out of the machine. To separate the collector and the extractor then press them down on a stable surface to separate them, being careful of the blades." . I have tried what they told but it didnt work. and today it is broken because of my enforcement to the appliance. and also I have cutten my hand. I will send you the pic of the issue. Breville was a trusted brand for me and I was proud of its quality but I started to change my mind. maybe product is ok but customer service is terrible in UK. they only adviced -even dont ask about detail of the problem. After all these experiences I have sent emails to Breville Australis. I have attached related photos. but they didnt even reply my complaint. I really upset because of this attitude. people believe this brand and pay more money than other regular brands. but here is the result.


  • Cr
    CrashUK Aug 07, 2011

    Had the same with a Breville electronic iron which went wrong after a year.
    Sent two complaint emails and had no reply, would never buy Breville again, and have forwarded my complaint onto Trading Standards.

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  • Gi
    Gillian baker Dec 10, 2013

    Hi I have a breville iron which is under a year old tonite I was ironing when it started sparking then went on fire I had to blow out the fire then try and unplug it, I slightly burnt my wrist, I'm very surprised and disappointed in the product, it was bought from currys in Aylesbury buckinghamshire.

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  • Gi
    gigli Mar 25, 2014

    Currently in the process of resolving some issues with Breville (Blender Hemisphere) but had to find out how HORRIBLE their communication is. With now about 5-8 emails having been exchanged on either side their response time has been 7 days +, often with requests for information that has already been given. After having sent back the item as requested I still don;t know how -when they will resolve the issue as I have not received ANY answer to my communication. In addition, their emails seem to be generic, non-personalized, borderline unfriendly emails. I used to like Breville products but this experience will hold me back on future Breville purchases. In fact, I have always anticipated to buy the variable temperature Water Kettle once my current water kettle breaks. This has recently happened-- and I have exchanged it with a similar product from their competition Cuisinart. Tant pis, Breville!

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  • Su
    SusyTutu Jul 09, 2014

    I have to say I agree that the Customer Service from this company is actually non-existent. I was a big Breville fan having many of their kitchen products. However, when two of the slots from my 4 slice toaster ( which cost £35) ceased to heat up after 12 months- they just dont want to know. I agree, the email responses are minimal and far apart, and yes they continue to ask for info you have alreadyt supplied. I was informed that their guarantee is taken from the manufacturer date!!! By way of restoring my faith in the brand, they asked me to send them a further £23 towards a replacement...What a joke!! I would rather never purchase Breville again. The company that deals with the 'customer service' is called Jarden. The girl dealing with my enquiry was a young 21 year old who had recently left uni after studying Criminology- Facebook is a useful tool-

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  • Ma
    Mad as hell in Mississippi Mar 07, 2016

    Breville makes pretty good products but their customer service is lousy. I got a girl whose name was Sueee (like a pig) who told me that my espresso machine works and it is operator error! I've been drinking coffee and making coffee for the better part of 50 years and Sueee says I've been doing all wrong! :( :( :(

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