Q Aug 16, 2018

I called at my local Booths Supermarket in Lytham this evening for some milk which costs £1.10. I used the self service till to check out as I was in a hurry. After I had paid by credit card using contactless, there was problem with the till and it would not produce the receipt for my purchase. I was not bothered with the receipt as I just wanted to take the milk and leave. However the staff "helping" insisted that she will have to make sure the milk was paid for by rebooting the computer. I had to stand at the till waited for at least 15 minutes for the computer to work again. This staff then printed out a couple of receipts which were not for my purchase. She then came to the conclusion that the milk had not been paid for and I needed to pay AGAIN! I had enough by then. I was embarrassed and felt that I was being accused of trying to get away with not paying £1.10!!! No way I would pay for something twice so I had no choice but to Ieave without the milk that I had already paid for. I then went to Sainsburys to buy milk instead.

I checked my credit card statement when I got home, sure enough the £1.10 had gone through.

Basically Booths Supermarket took my money but refused to give me the goods purchased unless I pay twice.

As a loyal, regular customer, I would expect a degree of trust and good will from Booths and not treating me like a suspected shoplifter over a bottle of milk!

I had enjoyed shopping as well as using the restaurant in Booths until this nasty experience.

I look forward to your response.

Doris Carr

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