Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwidecell phone was not activated, money lost

L Aug 12, 2018

To whom it may concern:
I'm writing this due to the horrible customer experience/service at your location on 9528 Roosevelt Ave Jackson heights, NY 11372. I went on 8/1/18 to switch over from Metro PCS because my sister was happy with her service with boost. I took advantage of the free phone because I liked it. It was the LG stylo 3. The employee did all the transitions, charged me $82 and told me If my service didn't work in 10 minutes, to restart my phone. I did it and it didn't work. I was very busy that day so I didn't have time to go back, so I called like 10 times and no one answered at the store. Then I remembered the same girl who helped me told the store manager in front of me they needed a store phone, because she used her own cell phone to port my number, meaning they don't have a store phone I was calling like an idiot. That night I called Customer service and they told me, my number is cannot be ported because it belonged to some weird collection of numbers. I forgot the name but I knew what she was talking about because I used to work for a cable company and that use to happen to me with certain ports of numbers . At this point it couldn't be ported and they advised me to go back to the store to get the issue fixed. The next Day I couldn't go I have a sick newborn at home who sufferers from reflux so it's hard to go out. Today 8/3 I went with my receipt to the store and requested a refund, because it's not my fault the employee didn't do her job correctly. Also I had to pay my cell phone, because it's urgent for me to have one because of my little one. The employee a girl, called the store manager, and he said no, I cannot get my money because I stayed with metro pcs. And if I had an issue to go back tomorrow. First of all I'm not a yo yo, I paid everything should have been perfect, why do i have to lose money for an employees fault, they did not try to work with me
Or anything. Just plain blank no refund, I let her know about my newborn and she didn't care at all. This is crazy, I've never seen employees be so rude and inconsiderate. I have the phone and just want my money back for this huge inconvenience. As I walked out the store my fiancé was sitting in the car, and when I got inside he told me the girl employee was laughing at me when I was walking out. This is ridiculous, disgusting, and I've never experienced such nasty unprofessional service in my life, I would like a refund of my money or I will proceed to contact the better business Bureau. Thankyou for your time Lori.

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