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A Aug 11, 2018

I am going to hold a vacation trip with my wife in Spain between the end of September and the middle of October. If it was not enough for the high dollar that almost ruined my plans, a rogue hotel partner at made the situation worse. I was having a hard time finding a hotel in Barcelona that suited my limited budget. So on the night of 4th fair I was very happy when I was able to make two reservations at Violeta Boutique on the booking.con website, a well located hotel with good customer ratings. I booked an apartment with a bedroom and terrace for a total of 313.20 euros for the 3 days between 26 and 29 September (confirmation number 1722.905.796) and the "family room" for 375.84 euros for the 3 days between 13 and 16 of October (confirmation number 1118.430.087). Well, at dawn that same day, I started to receive SMS messages in which Boutique Violet indicated that my card was invalid, which I knew was not true! Soon after, I received other messages that my reservations had been canceled. Well, I called the central card that confirmed that there was no problem with my card. Worse, they told me that Violet tried to make the pre-authorization with zero value, which is impossible, since it has to be worth more than 0, and the attendant told them they knew that very well! I know my card is working perfectly because I made other reservations in the same period on the website of (I have the reservations printed) and I made another reservation to test with the same card for the period 09/26/2018 to 09/29 / 2018 at Hotel CHI by in Barcelona on the same day that Violeta Boutique canceled my reservations and the hotel pre-authorized more than $ 145 on the same card. What most upset me was that Violeta Boutique re-listed the same rooms for these two periods for higher prices (505.44 euros for 26/09 to 29/09 and 587.52 euros for 13/10 to 16/10); I have printed evidence proving this. It is clear that the Violet regretted for some reason to accept my reservations and lied that my card was invalid to cancel them. With this, I will have to spend more to stay in Barcelona. If I do not comply with the agreed terms in a booking on, I am financially penalized, for example when I cancel the reservation after the deadline for free cancellation. With my reservation was canceled without reason, based on a false claim I want to be reimbursed by in the amounts of my reservations for improper breach of contract. Neither Violeta Boutique nor replied to the numerous messages I sent, denoting obvious bad faith and disrespect to its customers

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