SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / wrong amount charged

Taj Super Deluxe Guesthouse, Kowloon, South Africa

I made a reservation at Taj Super Deluxe for the 19th of March to the 21st of March 2019. Confirmation number: [protected] Mrs R Lambrechts.
Upon arrival I had to make the payment for the booking. When I made the payment, I asked the manager about the breakfast. He stated more than once that breakfast was not included in my booking. He even showed me a piece of paper that didn't show the breakfast. I was puzzled because I paid a lot of money which in my calculations included the breakfast. I didn't want to get in an argument and wanted to make sure that I didn't make a mistake. For that I had to get back to my luggage for the complete reservation form. (Payment was made in the dining room, far from the room, in another set of buildings) I kept a lookout for him when we were at the guesthouse, but never saw him again. I send a message to the manager on the day that we checked out, telling him that he made a mistake and wanted to clear it up before we left. He didn't respond and was nowhere in the guesthouse. He only responded an hour and a half later. By that time, we were already very far away from the guesthouse on our way to the airport. He has been sending messages with different reservation costs every time. We have also send an email to the guesthouse regarding the whole problem. It feels like he is not even listening to my complaint. What should I do now? I have been using for many years and never encountered a problem like this. He charged service fee and 5% credit card fee on the full amount (room + breakfast). I want a refund on the breakfast as well as a correction in the service fee and credit card handling fee. Please help me.

Mar 23, 2019

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