I am writing to express my supreme displeasure with the service I received at HomeTowne Studios Phoenix, which I booked through (Confirmation number: [protected].) I feel my experience there went beyond false advertising and well into the realm of material breach of contract, so different was the actual lodging quarters than those represented in the advertisement. When I returned to the front office immediately after checking in to complain and request a room change or cancellation, I found it unattended. So I resignedly retired to the room, but I feel I did not get what I had paid for, for reasons I will articulate in more detail below.

In the middle of the night, my sleep was rudely and violently interrupted when a security guard burst into my quarters without announcing who he was. He demanded to see a receipt for my stay - essentially accusing me of being a thief. Not only did this disrupt my sleep and put me in a state of shock and severe emotional distress leaving me unable to sleep for hours afterward, but I would also like to point out what a dangerous situation this could have been for myself as well as the guard. I reasonably assumed he was an intruder threatening my safety and well-being - possibly my life. When a person's lodging quarters are invaded in such a way - in an area where it can be reasonably expected that the intruder may be armed and dangerous such as the location of the lodging last night, that person is within their rights to use deadly force to defend themselves under the castle doctrine - well established in English common law, and in particular in Arizona under ARS 13-404. If the security guards patrolling the premises of your booking locations are not well trained, when it comes to how to properly announce themselves before entering a premises uninvited, their life is at risk. I hope you appreciate the seriousness of this infraction - and not just with regards to myself and other guests of your services but to the staff of your hotels. Moreover when I called to complain about this matter, the attendant was dismissive of my grievance, even going so far as to laugh at me! This is outrageous and completely unacceptable behavior.

In addition to this very serious matter of having my lodging quarters intruded upon, the hotel room itself was in no way in acceptable condition. It looked as though it had not even been recently cleaned or sweeped - there were even human hairs stuck to one of the appliances. The entire space was in a state of dilapidation and disrepair, in addition to being unclean - I can provide photographic evidence of this. It in no way resembled what I had seen in the pictures. This hotel should actually be condemned - it is not even remotely livable. I would recommend you remove it from your listing as I am sure you would not want such an establishment tarnishing your name. I would personally be ashamed to represent such an establishment if I were part of your company.

Fundamentally, when a guest books a hotel room, what they are paying for is a clean place to sleep where they will be safe and unmolested. This is not at all what I received and I feel I am entitled to a full refund. Please let me know when I can expect to have this concern addressed.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Burkhartsmeyer

Oct 04, 2019

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