I made a reservation for my family for a place like 5 miutes from my home for 6 nights and made a full payment. on 02/10, i received a cancellation request email, asking if i want to cancel. I trired calling the number on the email and even dropped a voice message but didnt get any response.
Less than 24 hrs to check-in, i received an email saying the reservation has been cancelled and they then offered something which doesnt match my location of comfort specification. i also feel insulted with then telling me it was cancelled for "FREE" when i didnt initiate or ask for that.
I have had to go through a lot of stress and trouble, to find a new place that will suit their needs, and have had to do this in-between my work today. i only now managed to book a hotel for 2 nights, and then another apartment for a further 4 nights as i couldnt find anything for the full lenght of their stay.
To top that, i will only get my refund within 7-12 days, which means i have to make alternative arrangements for subsequent bookings.
I called earlier today to make an official complaint, and they operator i spoke to (Sayyid or syed - not sure of the spelling), showed no empathy. He offered me a place that is south-west london, and i live in south east london. He refused to give me his last name or complaint reference, and told me the booking reference is the complaint reference. I asked to speak to someone who could help and he asked who do i think can be of help.
I really felt dis-respected and by an operator who showed no remorse or concern about my feelings. I was only able to find something for them for two nights, just 40 minutes before thier arrival.

I want a written apology from the operator and the company as a whole as this is not an acceptable behavior towards customers, especially loyal customers.
i want to be compensated for the stress and inconvenience incurred. I have had to put my work on hold, and put calls across to different providers before even being able to get somewhere for them to stay.
ideally, i booked an apartment for them, so they can prepare their own meals. now we have to spend money on expensive hotel meals as a result of this.

  • Updated by Toyeeb Yusuff, Oct 04, 2019

    i have tried to resolve this with them, however it seems they dont have a complaint process, and it seems they feel giving you a cheaper option regardless of it mathcing your needs is like them doing you a favour.

Oct 04, 2019

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