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C Aug 02, 2018

I ordered a full bedroom set in the beginning of July. I received a call that the items were going to be available prior to my requested delivery date (which I set the day I ordered). I am moving into a new apartment so I could not accept an earlier delivery. I received a call yesterday with the scheduled time period for my delivery. However, it was for the Friday before my scheduled move in on Saturday. I called to have the delivery changed back to the original date I requested when I placed the order. I get a call today (the next day, 2 days before I move and almost a month after placing the order) that they could not accommodate an entire bedroom set on the truck for Saturday. I explained to them that I was originally told my bed would come separate from the rest of the furniture due to the dates it would be available so they only need to accommodate a bed. After I was put on hold for several minutes, I was told in fact only the headboard was available for delivery and the rest would be in at the end of the month. Say what?! I was supposed to get the rest a week later. I would still be understandable if the rest of the furniture was on back order and I received my bed but what good is it for me to only have a headboard delivered? All everyone could say is "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" and no one had an answer to why I was originally told everything would be in early then not told only the headboard was available. I spoke to an associate and a manger while on the phone with the 1800 number. The manager literally only repeated 5 times, "I am sorry for the inconvenience. I can't control when the merchandise is available." She did not even try to figure out why I wasn't called in the first place to be informed that most of the bed was unavailable. I told her I was thinking of canceling the order and because she did not care enough to even look into my case I would call the BBB. She wasn't phased at all! Clearly, people call her pissed off everyday and say the same thing. It made it clear that this happens a lot. I understand that furniture may come in damaged or back orders may take longer than expected but INFORM THE CUSTOMER! What am I going to do with a headboard? Also, the new date that everything is available is while I am on vacation so I run the risk of the same thing happening when I do not accept the delivery

I finally called my local store from which I bought they merchandise. They are at least trying to figure out why my furniture will not be in on time considering my delivery was scheduled since the day I ordered. I appreciate them trying to give me answers even if they cannot. Its a shame that the corporate offices don't care enough. I am still waiting on a call back so to be continued.

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