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I know it may be trivial to some, but anyone with an autistic child understands that these children don't handle changes well and they like consistency. My son LOVES Bob Evan's and orders the exact meal everytime. I took him to Bob Evan's in Englewood, Ohio on Friday. We normally eat at the Greenville Ohio location and he orders the little farmers breakfast. This time, he decided on the "little piggy". His excitement turned to tears when his order came out and looked atrocious. Nothing like the pictures on the menu. He slid the plate away and was really upset over how sad his pig looked. No nose or anything. Like I said, it may seem trivial but i was really happy for him because he actually stayed from his comfort zone and ordered something new. I do have pictures of the monstrosity.

Bob Evans Restaurants
Bob Evans Restaurants

Oct 06, 2019
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