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The husband and I both have bmws. Mine is a 2010 and his is a 2011. After getting extremely crummy service at fairfax bmw in fairfax, va, we decided to try sterling bmw in sterling, va. Surely bmw doesn't hand out their center of excellence awards all willy-nilly-like, right? Well, apparently they did in 2010.

While there are many additional detailed points of their suckage, I will provide you the highlights:

-took the 2010 in to get new tires. After spending $2000 on 4 new kicks mounted and balanced and alignment for the old girl, they wanted to charge us over $100 to fill the tires with nitrogen. While I understand it's a business, don't nickel and dime me when I just dropped $2000.
-after finally getting my car back, we drove it home. Traffic was a little rough that evening, so we weren't going terribly fast. The next day however, we noticed a major wobble. The vibration was so bad, the side mirrors were shaking. I got to work and felt like I had driven a jackhammer instead of my "luxury" car. Took it back in on monday. They finally called on tuesday, claiming it was "two bad tires". Alrighty. Fine.
-when we went to pick up my car, they couldn't find it. Let me repeat that. When I went to go rescue my car, they had misplaced it. It took the entire service department, a few of the sales guys and over an hour to find it.
-immediately after picking it up, we magically had squeaky brakes that we had never had before. Sad thing is that i'd rather listen to the brakes than to bmw sterling's horrible excuses.

-during the same time, we had my husband's suv in for several items that bmw fairfax couldn't fix after repeated visits. These included brakes, slipping transmission, air conditioning and a rattle in the tailgate. They had the bear's car for over a week. They replaced the brakes and fixed the ac. They could not, however, "recreate" the slipping transmission and they said they could not hear the rattle, despite the fact that they let the technician drive our car home one night! (I'm still reeling at that one especially when they asked my husband if that would be okay and he said no). Of course, we heard the rattle in the tailgate as soon as we left the dealership. Call us crazy, I guess.

We changed from audi over to bmw because of service issues. We had a 5 series and a mini cooper prior to getting our current cars. When we got these cars in san francisco, we were in love... With the cars and the dealership/service. At this point, we are about a millisecond away from switching to mercedes. Apparently our paltry two-car household matters not to the auto giant. Between the incompetence, attitude and just overall cheapness, I can't see spending another cent with bmw. Dare I say "lemon"? I dare.

Ha... So we got a call from bmw usa. After playing phone tag for 3 weeks, the rep rushed us through our side of what has happened. She kept saying she was sorry we "felt that way" anytime we mentioned how disappointed we were about the crummy service or the shoddy quality. When she asked what we wanted, dh mentioned we would love to be able to just settle things amicably without having to consult a lemon-law lawyer. She said that if that was what we wanted to do, go ahead. This doesn't bode well for their customer service. Will update with results.

Update #2:
Was promised a resolution within 3-5 business days. We are on the 4th business day and just got a call from bmw usa... To tell us they don't have a resolution yet. Surprise, surprise. And no update on when we will know something. Not surprised one single bit, aside from the fact that they called at all. What do you want to bet that they will wait until we make our next payment in 6 days and then call to tell us they can't do anything?

Update #3:
My husband finally called and was told we would hear something early in the week during the week of 7/16. They are supposedly waiting to hear something from fairfax bmw. I'm not holding my breath.

Another update:

Was supposed to hear from customer service last week. Nada. Dh called on friday, 7/20 and asked for her extension. It rang and someone else answered. Dh requested our rep and was asked what it was in regard to. He told her we are trying to give back our lemon. She said she would look up our "case"... Looked up the information and surprise! She couldn't find anything. He asked then to get transferred to our rep's phone and he left a message requesting a call back that day. Again, nothing.

Got a call back from her today, 7/23. The phone didn't ring; we just got a voicemail. Called her back and haven't heard a peep since then.

We are giving her until tomorrow pm to get back with us and if we don't hear from her, we will be foregoing the niceties and proceeding directly past "go" to a lemon lawyer.

In the midst of all this, other things have stopped working on the x5. The rear camera works occassionally, but it chooses when and where. The auto-telescoping steering wheel has stopped working. The transmission is still jerky.

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