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I joined BPM for one month but was charged for 6 mos. When I noticed the error which was 2 mins later I contacted them by email. Never received a response. Sent another email...Received a survey about how the service was going sent another email advising them of the error. This time I received a email advising of the refund policy after reading it I didn't see where it pertain to my issue. Today which is day 9 I contacted them by phone and spoke w/CSR and a supervisor called me back. Again I explained that I was only trying to join for one month but was charged for 6 mos. The answer I get is they can't refund me because I have used the service. Yes I did use the service but only using it for the one month that I am requesting considering this is only day 9 and I have approx 21 more days of usage. I have not use the service for the future months as it has not gotten here yet. I thought they were misunderstanding me when I said I do want to pay for the one month but not for the next 5 months that is in the future. And they repeated you have used the services and no one can explain what that means...So I'm sure it didn't make sense to them either. I am currently trying to locate someone that can better explain why they feel I am not entitled to a refund. If anyone out there knows the CEO or Management of People Media/Blackpeople meet. Please let me know. Thanks


  • S
      Feb 03, 2013

    Giving money to other negroes... Learned my lesson! Guess you have too now! It's in kur DNA, entitlement! "Yo money is ma money"... 13% of population and responsible for 40% of the money given away EVERY MONTH is OUR OWN 'brotha's and sista's'!hat
    Thanks to THEM, the rest of mankind actually has a bar defining good vs worthless! NEGROES WILL ALWAYS BE NEGROES; ALL THEY NEED IS A CHANCE TO 'SHOW' YOU!!! Slorts or entertainment ... alright...
    What has three syllables and ends in a vowel...? Black female!
    What makes other humans and CANNOT feed itself...? Black male!

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  • K
      Apr 26, 2016

    dont need be used this is ripoff for the public .black meet .com . A lie for TV.

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  • A
      Sep 28, 2017

    I want a full refund because I didn’t make this account

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  • D
      Oct 23, 2017

    Hello i want to discard my account and a refund this site sucks

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