Black Arrow Expressdelivery service

S Aug 02, 2018

I had experienced more than 10 delivieres with shopee and all delivery service is a bad experience. But this one is the worst. Common situation, the courier is lazy. Will not deliver, because im not at home, that's common. If I dont ask for a manager, he wont deliver. Another situation, he said that he contacted us, that he went to our house, and actually didnt. I dont think I need to eleborate as I know you have this multiple complaints. With how bad your delivery service is (and im also talking about ninja van) but this one, is the worst. My package is on rts. Delivery guy said, he is coming.. I waited outside my house for more than 3 hours and kept calling him, where is he. Next thing I know, my product is in transit back to china. I cant tell you how many angry I am to all your delivery guys and worst is, this happens in all my delivery. This return to sender situation is the worst. No.1, first attempt, he said he is coming, I was not at home so I told him to wait. He did not rey, did not contact back, we kept calling him but he didnt answer. No.2, second attempt, I stayed home whole day, I went out when he said he is coming, even asked for a landmark outisde my house. No one came. Now my package is back to china!?!!??!!! What the actually [censored] is this. Excuse the language but this is the worst. I sure do hope you can do something about my package, & most of all about your delivery service.

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