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I was discharged from this employment strictly to cover up complaints i had made about race & sexual referencing being committed by some of the Night Shift employee's and their Night shift manager... As the workforce was being reduced to enhance the company's profits, the extra amount of work load was being trusted upon those that the night manager did not like OR was not giving HIM specific " favors "... Some of the favors included such things as bringing him meals quite regularly and being accomplice to some of the thefts that were being committed during the night shift FOR exchange of overtime hrs that the accomplices did absolutely nothing but sit and chat with said manager.. When hearing about these complaints, said manager would file a complaint that those of US that were taking up all the extra work were not doing what he was telling US WE needed to do while the others would just stand around & chat for nearly 60% of the night... To save face and the managers position several of US have been terminated with the reason being that WE were not showing the needed improvement per said manager...

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May 10, 2009 11:18 pm

I also work at Bjs, in Hampton Virginia, and the same thing is happening their. Every night I work, I never know when its going to be my last night, because the manager Eugene constaintly threatens my job if I dont complete my zoning and stock all the pallets he drops. He thinks that threating you of getting fired is called managing.

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