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BJ's Wholesale Club complaints 241

BJ's Wholesale Club - customer service

I've been shopping at BJ's for years, always experiencing wonderful customer service. Today, however was a different story. The cashier threw me an attitude when I ask for a coupon book this lady with Name Jame(black lady) at the location in Gainesville, Virginia .something there Is completely wrong, when she is there for to help the costumer no for to give to the costumer a very bad attitude.

BJ's Wholesale Club - customer/manager service

I've been shopping at BJ's for three years, always experiencing wonderful customer service. Today, however was a different story. The cashier threw me an attitude when I questioned a coupon policy...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - customer experience

Today I went for my first time to BJs next to my house. I am not a member but I read on that nonmembers may shop with a One Day Pass to experience the BJs shopping for a full day, obtainable at the Member Services Desk in Club.

As a valued customer my experience at the BJ's located on 161st in the Bronx was unpleasant. I tried to request a day pass for purchases and the store manager was rude and did not provide proper customer service. When I showed the Internet page with the information she replied in a bad way that the page was not updated. I felt that I was being targeted because I am a Hispanic female. I was trying to purchase items for a church activity and the experience was truly unpleasant. I hope that this location is provided with adequate customer services training where they value customers and not deter them from shopping at their location. There are other competitors whom will gain from my purchases as I am highly disappointed with the racist treatment received.

Zulka Marzan

BJ's Wholesale Club - patio dining set

Purchased a patio dining set on 6/26/19. Sale price $1499.99, $800.00 coupon applied making a total (before tax) of $699.99. Tax rate in Ohio is 6.75%. I got home and assembled the set. My wife noted...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - rude disrespectful staff

My Son Has A disability, he was asking for a cart from the person who greets the incoming shoppers because he gets fatigue easily due to his accident and disability thats was sustain in 2016. There...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - cuba cruise

My cousin Jayme Britt book us a cruise to Cuba through his membership at BJ's. The trip was paid in full. Due to the new regulations we aren't able to go to Cuba. Jayme booked the cruise so BJ's sent him an email concerning the trip on June 5th due to his work schedule he wasn't able to react to the email in the alloted time to make changes. I was aware of what was going on concerning Cuba but I wasn't able to do anything regarding the cruise because 1 it was booked through BJ and i wasn't the primary on the cruise so BJ's wouldn't talk to me concerning the cruise. I want to take a cruise in December to replace this cruise but i cant do anything unless i go through BJ's

BJ's Wholesale Club - 75 inch samsung, tv advertised at 999.

looked on line @ bjs for a 75inch tv, on fathers day. found sumsung 75 inch advertised at 999. went to checkout it jumped in price by 100. called customer service, they could not give it to me at the advertised price, nor could the mans boss. i asked that i get a callback on the monday by someone who could explain why i could not have it for the advertised price/never received the call, called the customer service line, waited 20minutes and decided to get the automatic call back/never received that call. that is the hardest time i have ever had spending 1000. some of the worst customer service ever. to me its a no brainer, give it to the customer at the advertised price. I am going to have to rethink my future membership...

Ask yourself,

Were taxes involved?
Were there shipping cost added?
Did you ask the rep to place the order for you?
Was the moon landing a hoax or not?

The answer to anyone of those questions could of solved your problem, and you wouldn't have to take the time out of your pathetic day to sit and write about this.

BJ's Wholesale Club - unable to establish a bj's wholesale club log-in on the store website

Today May 30, 2019 I visited the BJ's Wholesale club website to view an item that I wished to purchase. I entered all accurate information to establish a member log-in to use the website, but my membership numbers would not record in the space for membership numbers no matter what I did. I could not proceed so I called the customer service phone number [protected]. I was told the wait time was two minutes, however I held on the line for 20 minutes and was not connected to an agent. I established a live chat and that became disconnected. I called the customer service phone # again and I was told wait time is two minutes, then a skip in the recording told be 81 minutes. A second chat was established chatting with Brittanny who said that she could help me establish a log-in but then she ignored the chat for 20+ minutes. I have never encountered such indifference to customers in all my 30+ years working in retail as an employee or shopper. It is no wonder that stores are closing in historic numbers and I am witness of it with every terrible customer service experience like this one. Shame on BJ's for mistreating customers. An insulted and angry customer is a former customer. A live person at a BJ's store approx. 50 miles from my home answered a question for me about the item being in stock that I wished to purchase. I told the associate how much I appreciated his help. Great service needs to be acknowledged just as much as bad service needs to be reported. BJ's corporate phone number automated system plays in a riddle where it doesn't connect to a live person or give the option to speak to someone.

BJ's Wholesale Club - customer service

5-21-19 - I have been trying to get a representative on the phone since 2:23 pm est to discuss membership issue. I first called and was told the following hold times 52 minutes, 52, 43, 23, 58. Mindy answered the call and apparently she could not hear me. She remained on the line for over 2 minutes as I continued to ask "can you hear me?' She then hung up.

I called back and asked for return call and I would not loose my place in line. Still have not received a return call so I called back and have been told the following wait times in the following order...2 minutes, 32, 27, 24, 8, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 47, 61, 46, 43, 54, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 50, 319, 339

The time in between the announcing of wait time is 3 minutes. In just my second phone call alone I waited 99 minutes.

After hearing that the wait time was now over 300 minutes, I have decided to try tomorrow, or hopefully get a returned call that I have now requested 2 times.

I would like my membership issue addressed, an apology and possibly a gift card that would show they value me as a customer, and to compensate me for the ridiculous time I have wasted. I would also like for them to examine their systems of customer service so this does not happen to anyone again! Thank you.

Update by Marti Walton
May 23, 2019

You are ignorant and rude...Don't you have anything better to do with your time your time than getting involved in everyone's business. I am sure you do not have a job so why don't you volunteer at you local homeless shelter or support the LGBTQ community.

Update by Marti Walton
May 21, 2019

Please see customer service complaint

I used to work with BJs and there's nothing more that we hate like a greedy entitled person calling and complaining and then demanding a gift card.

And the funny part is that we actually like giving away the gift card. But let me tell you this, the best way to NOT get a gift card is to DEMAND IT FROM US. If you were having an issue, I'm sure that 99.99% of it could be resolved in a nearby club (store). If we say we can't hear you, it simply means that WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!

What I learnt from custOmer service is that although everything might not go correctly with the service you receive, the best way to get your issues resolved is to be polite, respectful and DO NOT DEMAND. Who knows, if i had gotten you, i could of even given you a whole year membership free, get you a sweet looking gift card or awards on your membership and get your local club manager so they can help you out too (bearing in mind that they can give you a lot more than I can since they're the manager).

You liar. I do have a job. Mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face and take away your internet. Maybe if you had a job you would not need to beg for a gift card. This is a public forum. You want to post on a public forum then expect people to tell you off. You are being greedy.

Trolling on a new account I see. You are also send me private messages about how you beat little children for fun. Get help.

DO not talk about that woman. I no longer consider her my mother. [protected] 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

You see one day i needed to borrow money. I was not working and broke. Yeah I have no job. I was living with her. My father died. She refused to give me money. I just wanted to go out drinking with my friends. Well she said I drink too much. TO make a long story short. I had to use force to get money from her . She ended up in the hopital. Serves her right. She is no mother to me since she pressed charges. How can a "mother press charges against her own child.Please do not bring her into this. Now because of her I have to live in a shelter. I have to move from shelter to shelter because they only allow people to stay for 6 months to a year. Some of them have stupid rules as no alcohol. Shut up.

You are not entitled to a gift card. Stop being greedy. If you cannot afford to shop there then don't. NO need to beg for a gift card. You are not entitled to one.

BJ's Wholesale Club - bj's hr dept in pelham and gm alec

My nephew interviewed for Recovery position at Pelham Manor store. Having disability, HR left me waiting and waiting and waiting. My uncle helped me find GM on floor. He took me. Upstairs HR had him speak to an African American candidate first. I was there where before individual. The whole thing was handled unprofessionally and with some discrimination. That is why BJ's main office has been made aware of entire interview.
My family is large. My company is very large. We are all boycotting BJ's based on this matter. This young man was definitely qualified for a part time position. Email sent was rejection for Bakery clerk. He interviewed for stock and recovery.
I was shocked to see how poorly HR was run and then young man with disability was told to wait for GM. GM had no idea he waiting. It was bad and anyone would of felt bad for how BJ's treated individual with disability. My family, friends and company will not be giving BJ's any business in the near future. If you have questions, please contact me at [protected]. The candidate was Christopher Colon. I am sorry to say this but how HR ladies and GM got to those positions, shocks me based on how non articulate they were and how little they cared for BJs and young man with disability.

Update by steve2222091
May 10, 2019

call me [protected] if you want more details. Young man should of been offered job. Disability or not.
My large family and company will never spend a cent in BJs again.

Update by steve2222091
May 10, 2019

Store should be embarrassed.
Office of civil rights were told of young man with disability

BJ's Wholesale Club - called about not getting my books

I'm on hold with bjs customer service at this moment & have been on hold waiting for a supervisor for over 15 min. I've called 3 times in 7months about not getting my coupon book. I get told by customer service that maybe it's been stolen from my mailbox. But my neighbor gets her books, so does my front neighbor and my cousin down th me street as well gets his books...wouldn't a lot more books be missing then just mines? Come on now that's a really bad rebuttal to use. Called customer service and got told the same crap, got the same run around, got told that a supervisor was not available... I'm still on hold currently too. Asked the employee for her employee ID and name and was give a 12 number ID. She said her name was Felisa, she suggested I use the online coupons, and I was like ok I can do that, but will I still be able to get the book. I like the book better, it's more convenient for my life and she guaranteed me that I would get my coupon books. I'm still currently on hold been on hold for 27 min now...when I asked for her name and employee ID she started laughing. And I told her in a month I don't get my books I want to know who to point the finger at. She continued to laugh &. I told her I do the same thing for a living and her customer service skills sucked...I work in a call center. It never took me 27 minutes to get my supervisor to attend to a customer. I would of been fired if took a customer complaint like a joke. ...customer service came on the line, they can't find a supervisor and what she can do is send an email to her supervisor to give me a call back! 😂😂😂 the worst customer service ever total of 29min, 27 on hold, & there are no customer service supervisor that can take a call and all I wanted was my coupon book. Won't be shopping there for awhile, just feel like it's not worth it.

BJ's Wholesale Club - bj’s online coupons not deducting when item is purchased

This was my second time, that I had to go to the customer service counter to have coupons I clipped on the BJ's website did not deduct off my bill, when I actually purchased the exact item listed. I thought this happened in the past, but didn't have time to go stand in the customer service line. The last two times I shopped, I brought up the clipped coupon on my phone, took a picture of them as I purchased each item so I could track to be sure the coupons came off my bill. Last time, it was 14.50 of coupons that did not come off my bill, today it was 6.75. What about the times I didn't catch it. If you advertise to clip coupons on your website and say they will deduct automatically, why is it not working. The customer service staff have to look up each item on the receipt, be sure it matches what is in the cart, then look in a coupon book to cut out the coupon in order to give me the dollars due. Time in which I did not plan on spending at the customer service counter (girl working there was asked a question by the associate taking care of me was also very rude). My time and money is very important to me! When I asked why the coupons didn't deduct, no one knows the answer. How many customers are using the website to clip coupons, and not getting the credit and do not realize it, looks like big bucks in BJ's pocket. I did not clip the coupons same day either. If your website doesn't work for clipped coupons, do not offer it, so customers are not being ripped off.

BJ's Wholesale Club - berkley, jensen alum. foil

We have been using this brand for years and love it, we recently purchased 4 rolls of 250sf. rolls 12 inch and have nothing but trouble with the ends ripping off when we roll it out, then we have to take a knife to the end of the roll and cut portion still left on the roll to start again. Guess I will be looking for another brand ! Thank you Dallas Reynolds

BJ's Wholesale Club - customer service


I order a television online on April 22. I received the television via UPS on 4/24 and the television was damaged. (the screen was busted) I called BJ's customer service immediately but there were closed as it was after business hours. I then call the next morning to report my broken television. The representative stated that someone will be here to pick the item up and that I would receive my refund within 5 days from today. She also informed me to wait for an email to confirm everything that she stated. I received the email and it said that I had to print a return label and then get the refund 5-7 days after the television was received in the. I was ok with that even though it wasn't what I was told. Then all of a sudden, I receive a notice that the return has been cancelled. I called and got rep Margot, I explained the situation and she placed me on hold for at least 20 minutes. During my hold time, I searched for this complain form and filled it out. The "supervisor" Amy stated that sh is going to re open my return case and Fed EX will pick it up from my home. To be continued... Very poor customer service.

BJ's Wholesale Club - coupons

It seems every time I shop at bjs using your coupons you send me there is always a problem. Today was no different. Used 5 coupons from your "high octane flyer" and only one coupon registered for the gas discounts. It seems I need to carry the flyers with me to prove what you mailed me!

They couldn't figure out the problem...

Why don't you just use clipless coupons like costco... Or tell us to carry all the paperwork with us when we shop at bjs - oh you might want to include a pair of scissors with the coupons.

Please no more coupons! What a waste of time!

I promise I will stop shopping at bjs and spend my non-clipping time at costco!

BJ's Wholesale Club - booked vacation found an error within 20 seconds of submitting

i am so highly disappointed with Bj's travel.Requested Email: Hotel Cancel - Itin: [protected] - Case ID : - Case ID : [REQ:S#[protected]]
* I was booking a family trip and when received then email confirmation noticed it had April date vs. July date. 20 seconds later. I emailed, i called.
* I called Bj's immediately and was able to cancel flight and airport transfers. I was told they had to email the property and I would hear in 24 -48 hours.
* I asked for full refund as this was an error in booking and didn't wait to communicate called immediately (please provide full refund on insurance and hotel)
* The next day received a letter they were notifiying property to get refund. over 10 days later received note they were NOT refunding for the error!

DON"T TAKE THE RISK - NOT WORTH the time to book thru BJ's so highligh disappointed think i will shop at Costco and never use bjs travel

BJ's Wholesale Club - bj veracruz sling dining set 7 pc

In June 2018, I purchased the above dining set from BJs Grant Avenue, Auburn, NY store. Item number [protected], article number 113113. This was housed on a patio that was covered during the spring and...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - Bj's marketing policies

I shop at both BJ's & Costco in my area of Livingston, NJ. Each company has, in some cases, a better selection available. and thats why I shop at both stores.

What really frustrates me with BJ's is the following:

1. Your advertised mailers, with the latest " specials ", is misleading. Unlike Costco, your cover shows ( your most recent mailing ) the items on sale from 3/14/19 - 4/10/19; however, the individual items shows some ending at 4/10/19, and others items sale date ends on 4/3/19. PERSONALLY, I THING YOU SHOULD ADOPT THE SAME POLICY AS COSTO, ONE DATE - START & FINISH - FOR ALL ITEMS.

2. Your flyer also limits almost all the items on sale to one only. Costco however, very rarely limits you to only 1 items ( almost never ) and you can purchase about 3 to 5 of each item on sale.

3. Costco's saving flyers list all the items on sale, but you don't have to cut out the coupons and present to the cashier at check out. Their computer system automatically
will credit you when you cash out.


Would appreciate a response o the above suggestions

Thank you

Marc Gussman

BJ's Wholesale Club - bj's coupon saving book

I just got the current savings book in the mail (12/26/18 - 1/23/19) Pages and pages of products, with savings listed, but NO PRICES. How do I know if that $2.00 or 7.00 discount means anything...

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BJ's Wholesale Club - cancellation of order

I had placed an order (order number [protected] ) for a Sealy Response Premium West Avenue Cushion Firm Queen Size Mattress with White Glove Delivery & Haul Away on 11/11/18. Last week I received a call...

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