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I'd like to voice my opinion about the Bakery Dept at the Bj's Wholesale Club in California MD. For starters, i purchased a birthday cake for a co worker, everyone's ready to sit down and cut the cake, and to our disbelief a dead fly is stuck on the side of the frosting. I return the cake to the store and ask to speak with a manager. After waiting about fifteen minutes at the customers service desk, he calls and asks the attendant what the problem is. She explains the situation and he give me a 10% off discount and exchanged the cake. Wasn't happy with the outcome but coworkers back at the office were waiting on my return with the cake.

And then there was the full sheet cake i purchased for our open house. I spoke with the bakery person a week before the event and brought in a picture of what our logo would be and if it was possible to do. She said there would be no problems doing our logo and that she'd see me the next week. I return to the store on the day of our open house to pick up the cake, the red logo had bled all over the cake.

And i guess the straw that broke the camel's back was my experience yesterday, my daughters babyshower cake i purchased at Bj's. As so many times before, i went in a few days early to discuss with the bakery person exactly how the cake would be decorated. We spent about a half hour drawing the picture on the back of my order form so everything would be perfect. We were putting mommy, daddy, sister, baby, one in each corner, a cloud in the middle with the babies name inside, balloons, rattles, blue airbrush on entire cake. Well let me just say that when i arrived to pick up the cake, there was no airbrush, the white cloud was sitting on top of a white cake, it looked like a clump of frosting in the middle of the cake with the babies name. The handwritting on the cloud and in the corners looked like a child wrote it. The cake looked terrible, i couldn't believe it. I asked the bakery person what happened to the airbrush and she said oh ok i can do that, like it wasn't even ordered to begin with. In a hurry as i usually am, i told her i was going up front to pay for the cake while she did the airbrush and i'd be right back. I was gone about ten minutes, came running back to get the cake and she is working on baking cookies. I asked her about my cake in a frantic and she said "Oh the airbrush gun isn't working, gonna have to call the manager and see if they can get it to work ". My reply was, yes please call a manager, that cake is not what i ordered . I waited for fifteen, twenty minutes and no manager, all along the while the bakery attendant is working on her baking, not trying to help me figure something out about my cake. Still no manager, i took a cake off the shelf, the same size full sheet cake i had ordered, and since it was already paid for took it to the door got checcked out and made it back to the babyshower after guest had already started to arrive. Guest at the shower mentioned that the cake tasted like it had been refrozen, needless to say i won't be buying any more cakes from bj's.

I am a regular shopper in bj's and spend a great deal of money there. I also paid for a membership that i am still unclear on exactly what it is i'm paying for? Could someone please tell me, the prices? don't think so, some things may be alittle cheaper, but no great bargains. The hours? don't think so, the same late hours for members as for non members.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 10, 2011 1:28 am EDT

While in the middle of shopping I was followed and then approached by this particular BJ's home improvement vendor for the first time not too long after the location's grand opening. Now, 3- 4 years later he still accosts me everytime he sees me in the store, despite my personally asking him to stop stalking me, and despite several complaints to store personnel and even a phone call to the vendor service. He seems to be enraged that my family went with another home improvement company instead of the one he represents (which has numerous complaints and bad reviews online, and continues for years to make annoying calls to any potential customer who was foolish enough to consider doing business with them), and so it is his intention to make each one of my BJ's shopping experiences as unpleasant as possible. His main time to accost me is while I'm waiting on the checkout line or while exiting the store. When he sees me, he passes by numerous customers wandering around and all customers on other checkout lines just to quickly make his way over to where I am standing -- even if he's at the front of the store and I'm at the very last checkout at the opposite end of the store. He actuallygot worse after I told him personally to not approach me ever again. And the fact that he's still doing this (even after all my complaints) can be easily verified by management viewing the video tape from the store's surveillance cameras.

If Valley Stream BJ's would rather keep this rude evil person under their wings than to keep me (or anyone else he's menacing) as a customer then so be it, I'll take my business to another (though out of my way) location for the time being, and NOT RENEW when my membership expires in a couple of months.

So stop shopping there. How many reasons do you need? It's called capitalism. If you don't like one place, shop somewhere else.

Nov 29, 2011 6:03 am EST

So you bought a cake that had a fly on it and then ur [censored] bought 2 more cakes from the same place? You kinda deserved that


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