Billion Stars Expresscomplaining about bus break down


First, I booked a ticket on 25th, 1am with Billion Star Express bus company to Singapore. Secondly, the driver move out as exact timing but stopped at a rest area after few minutes & we keep waiting until more than half an hour & the driver start move out again at 1.45am finally.
Around 3.45am, the driver tell us the bus is broke down & have to wait a earliest (6.30am)bus from TBS again to fetch us together once the bus across our break down location.We keep waiting almost 1 hour more & no respond from the driver & we got 3 ppl have to work in the morning in Singapore & it is almost late to us. So we decide to take a normal personal car that taking break around to wish the driver willing fetch us by his car to Johor Checkpoint & paid RM 120 as his transport fee.
We reach at Johor checkpoint at 7am & we pay again total RM 15 to any tour bus to fetch us 3 ppl to Tuas checkpoint. We stuck on the road before Tuas checkpoint almost 1 hour cause it is already early in the morning & we are long queue in 1 more hour til approximately 9am. After pass the Tuas checkpoint we pay again total $15 to another tour bus to beach road.
Finally we late to work at 10 am & we facing cut salary in this month. I hope current company to refund or pay back to us about all our losting.
(I had create a group in whatapps, kindly take respone for it)

Billion Stars Express
Billion Stars Express
Billion Stars Express

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