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Letter received

I received a letter from this company denying me credit at in connection with a purchase for $514.98 on January 12, 2010.

I never filled out an application. I was not in Walmart on this day. I have a fraud alert with my name and social security number.

I resent a letter of this kind. It goes against my credit every time a company fills out an application and requests an inquiry.

I would like to know what is going on?

  • Do
    donut queen Sep 26, 2010

    The complaint is not useful to me because no reply has been made. I, too, received a letter of unapproval for some request I did not make. The request was to open a Bill Me Later account for a $492.17 at PayPal. Here are the problems with this letter:

    >I made no such request.

    >I have no PayPal account.

    >Until this letter I had no knowledge of Bill Me Later.

    My concern is where the request really came from, if this is a fraud attempt to steal the $492.17 from me via a false account.

    Here is the reference: 243306331 - 504990270000568

    Barbara Lawson

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Hidden Finance Charges

I had submitted a full payment on a purchase online through the Bill Me Later program. I made the payment...

Fraud Investigation Against Bill Me Later

Has anyone from California used the Bill Me Later option for online purchases? I’ve read stories about consumers being charged inflated finance and interest fees – some exceeding an APR of more than 100 percent.

These charges are unfair and illegal according to California’s consumer protection laws. I work with a law firm investigating Bill Me Later for illegal billing practices and they want to hear from California residents taken by this scheme who may be interested in participating in a case. Share your story at and let us help you.



  • Re
    Research101 Dec 26, 2010

    Bill me later is not subject to California Law, only federal and Utah Laws. it says that in their Terms and Conditions. though I have heard many complaints about their billing practices as well, yet companies continue to use it after nearly two years.

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Billing for services not requested or recieved.

I recieved an email offering a "FREE" greeting card. As I am following the link and conpleting information when it became obvious this was not a "FREE" offer. I aborted the process but not early enough as this company had my name and address. I then started to recieve a statement from BILL ME LATER for a service which I did not order. I continued to recieve billing statements that showed late fees and intertest again for again something I did not agree to.

Two phone calls to BILL ME LATER had no results and after letters to them, their collection agency and the Florida Consumers services, I recieved a letter from BILL ME LATER that I should have read the "fine print".

These companies, Blue Mountain Cards and BILL ME LATER both prey on unsuspecting individuals through the offer of "FREE" items and the billing of unsolicited services which were not agreed to or used.

I will not use the services of any website that uses BILL ME LATER and recommend to all my friends and relatives to "BE AWARE" as well.

Refused to honor promotion

Bought a $80 item online. In checkout I chose Bill Me Later because they offered a $10 off promotion. I paid off the balance within a month. Now 3 months later they are charging me the $10 plus interest. They give you the run around and asked for proof that the promotion existed. DO NOT DEAL WITH BILL ME LATER--THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS.

  • He
    Heather Fields Jul 10, 2009

    I work for Bill Me Later and came across your posting. I would like to help follow up on this matter. If you wouldn't mind, please contact me via email at your earliest convenience: [email protected]

    Heather Fields
    Bill Me Later, Inc.
    [email protected]

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  • Ge
    Gene Silvernail Dec 12, 2009

    So Mary how did Heather do?

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  • Df
    dfaulkner1971 Dec 19, 2009

    BML is an aweful company!! I have a 22K credit limit on a major credit card and decided BML would be a better option due to convienience and security. I began using the service, paid first bill weeks before it was due. Then, every time I would spend hours shopping BML would decline my purchases just about every time I attempted to use the service. So in the end I would wind up using my credit card anyway. What a scam. I have the best credit rating possible and BML treats me this way. I have decided to pay my balance in full and let everyone I know to run the other way when offered this service. I would opt to use my credit card ten times over then provide any revenue to this sorry organization. Don't be fooled. Decline this service!!

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billing scam with Jet Blue

Beware ! Jet Blue with the assistance of Bill Me Later will charge you full price for a cancelled ticket that you've never ordered. I reported the Internet fraud 2 months ago and followed up in writing to some place in MD. They wrote back, too bad, that I will be billed full price for this cancelled ticket because it has my name on it. I've never booked a flight with a Jet Blue rep. I don't even live in the city where the flight was booked from. I've never opened a Bill Me Later account. I've never been on a plane. I also learned today that they didn't even close the Bill Me Later account after I reported the fraud in December and the rep assured me it would be taken care of. What kind of consumer theft is this anyway?

  • Vk
    VK1000 Dec 15, 2012

    DO NOT USE BILL ME LATER. I purchased a ticket in JetBlue using Bill me later and cancelled it. Now Bill me later is charging me the full amount and when i checked with JetBlue they say the tickets are cancelled but Bill me later keeps sending me the letters for me to pay. I opened up a dispute with them and they say that I need to file a dispute within 60 days or i will have to pay the money.

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90 days to pay scam

I purchased $270. worth of Xmas presents on Amazon on 12/5/2008 At checkout, I was presented an offer of 90 days to pay from Bill Me Later. Being Christmas, I thought this was a good idea and accepted the offer, filling out an online form with all my pertinent info for Bill Me Later. When I did not receive a bill in 30 days, I contacted the company, who informed me that the bill had been sent out, but to an address that I had moved from 4 years prior. When asked why the bill was sent to an old address rather than the address I provided on the online form, they had no answer. They claimed I had applied for credit from them in 2004 and that was the address I used. WHAT??? Regardless, a bill had been rendered and was now late. I asked how could it be late if it was 90 days to pay. They responded they did not know, but would have a special "team" look into it. They corrected the address and said they would resend the bill. When I received the bill I saw that not only was there no 90 days given, I was charged a late fee and interest! I contacted the company again and the rep did adjust the late fee "this one time", but said they could not adjust the interest until the special "team" concluded their investigation. I was to call back a week later. When I did so, I was told that me claim was denied because Bill Me Later claimed IT NEVER HAD A PROMO ON AMAZON! I have several other credit cards, so if it were not for the 90 day promo, I would have used my Discover and at least got cash back. They said there was nothing further they would do. I contacted Amazon and they did verify the promo and did reveal that Bill Me Later and Amazon were no longer business partners as of 12/31/2008.I just wonder how many other Amazon customers were scammed by this offer and then billed interest. I paid off the bill with one payment and am closing my account. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN, THEY ARE DISHONEST AND MISREPRESENTATIVE.

  • Ng
    ngough Jul 09, 2009

    Thanks for you thoughts as I am also going through a 90dayto pay "was never there" issue through

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  • Jo
    Jojo MacDonald Dec 28, 2015

    Also signed up for Bill Me Later. Supposedly had 90 days to pay. Sent my payment with 10 days to spare. Later received bill for $35 because payment was "LATE." My account statement revealed that payment was not processed until several days after due date. Since I am professional writer, I slew them with my pen; they acquiesced immediately. Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power of a properly formatted and tersely-worded ("just the facts, m'am") business letter sent via the USPS. Don't forget to pay for a return receipt. This becomes a legally-binding document which cannot be very easily dismissed--unlike the "rant-and-rave" emails composed by far too may dissatisfied consumers.

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Unauthorized billing

I noticed on my Bill Me Later statement that I had been charged twice for an item I ordered. The charge...

late fees, finance charges, missing bills

I had problems with them also. First of all no billing statements, then finally after four or five months you get one, with late fees and finance charges out the wazoo. Did you ever notice the 42.74% annual percentage rate. Is this legal? DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. IT WAS FOR CONVENIENCE, AND BELIEVE ME THERE IS NO CONVENIENCE, ONLY MISHAPS AND AGGRAVATION AND BAD CREDIT REMARKS BECAUSE OF THEM.

  • He
    Heather Fields Nov 30, 2008

    I work for Bill Me Later and came across your recent comments. If you are still interested, I'd like to help follow up on your experience using our service. Please feel free to contact me via email at your earliest convenience: [email protected]

    Heather Fields
    Bill Me Later, Inc.
    [email protected]

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  • Na
    Natalie Feb 18, 2009

    I have had an almost identical experince to yours. I opened an account several years ago at a different mailing address. When I moved a couple of years later, I made a new purchase with Bill Me Later and changed my E-mail address and billing address MULTIPLE TIMES. I did not hear anything for MONTHS when all of a sudden I started receiving collections calls from Bill Me Later. The first few phone calls they claimed not to have the new address, then in later phone calls they claimed to have mailed the bills - but I find it extremely difficult to believe that I did not receive MULTIPLE bills. Very mysterious how I receive bills from everyone else without any problems . . . When the collections calls kicked in again a few months later and I informed them that yet I again I had not received a bill in the mail they then decided to inform I had apparently elected to receive E-mail statements only MONTHS EARLIER? Even if this were the case, I never received Email statements. When I finally began receiving E-mail statements they were sent only the afternoon BEFORE they are due - oh and be sure to notice they are due by 4 pm EST???? And my interest rate is 64.83%!!! MY EXPERIENCE WITH BILL ME LATER WAS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. IT IS A SCAM AND A RIP OFF. My $45 flower purchase became a practically $200 flower purchase and a huge headache. I am disappointed at the number of site that endorse Bill Me Later's services. THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE THIS!

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  • Do
    Doug123 Feb 23, 2010

    I have had nothing but problems with bill me later - I have NEVER received a bill until it was already late. No bill ever shows up before it has late charges already printed on it - I have a friend who has had the identical problem with them. In fact, the first time I mentioned bill me later he shook his head and said "Late fee scam" - they claim to have sent the bill and claim it has never arrived back to them yet somehow the bill with the late fee attached always arrives just fine. This is a class action suit waiting to happen.

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I want a phone number to talk to a person

I'm looking for a phone number to call Bill me Later.

I got a letter from you but no number to call.

  • Up
    Up yours Jan 25, 2009

    I finally got a phone number and they basically told me to take a flying leap. I told them someone got a card in my name and they said "They could help me". CIT Bill me later is a SCAM. I’m filling a complaint with the Better Business Burial.

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Dishonest cheats

I made a purchase back in July/August 2007 from a online store and paid it through "Bill Me Later" - 6 month...

contact information

I had never heard of Bill Me Later, Inc. until I received a letter stating that they "regret that we are...


In July 2007, I orderd furniture from Gately's website. I chose BillMeLater as my...

Bill Me Later tries a bait and switch

We made a purchase from Grizzly Industrial and used the Bill Me Later offer. This is the only purchase we've ever made using Bill Me Later. As this was being offered by a company that we had grown to trust, we didn't think twice about taking advantage of this "deal."

Each statement clearly said the promotional period of zero percent interest ended 3/1/08. Each month we made payments, the last one being Feb 11th which paid the balance off in full. They received it and processed it on Feb 20th.

Due to the frequency and similarity of similar problems had by others, it's clear these "problems" are not the result of poor systems or incompetent staff. Much more troubling is that it appears to be a very core concept of the business model at Bill Me Later. Something like this doesn't happen repeatedly to so many people just by mistake.

It's on purpose.

This company is making money from people by being dishonest.

It's a shame that otherwise reliable businesses are going to be tarnished by having such a dishonest "partner." I'm letting every business I come across who uses Bill Me Later that I'm LESS likely to use them as a result.

  • Wi
    Winkie Feb 29, 2008

    This is what your Attorney General is for. You gotta complain to the right people to make a change.

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  • Ni
    Nicky Apr 26, 2008

    Yes, that is what AGs are for, and fully plan on complaining to them, loud and clear, and BML. They tout "zero fraud", and if that's not a crock, I don't know what is. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, so we'll see if that's true when I go on TV on a station that reaches a demographic of over 2, 000, 000 people and tell my nightmare of a story. BML tried to bill me for furniture I never received. I complained and the charges were removed. Now almost 3 months later, they've recharged my account and say that the charges are valid b/c I didn't apply for the refund within some certain timeframe. That's a LIE. And on top of that, I NEVER got the merchandise! It was a solid granite-top dining room table, plus 4 chairs. It was to be delivered via freight. There would be a RECORD of that delivery, along with a piece of paper containing my SIGNATURE. But BML can't seem to come up with that. According to their terms of service in section 7a at, I should be COVERED by BML. They're willfully disregarding their own LEGALLY BINDING TERMS OF SERVICE, so let's see how that works out for them in the media. And with the AGs, and in a court of law.

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  • He
    Heather Fields May 05, 2008


    I work for Bill Me Later and came across your posting. I would be happy to assist you with this situation. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    Heather Fields
    Bill Me Later, Inc.
    [email protected]

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  • Ju
    Just Checking Dec 01, 2008

    I see that a person named Heather Fields, supposedly from Bill Me Later, has responded to a number of complaint posts. Has anyone tried working with this person? What were the results?

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  • Hb
    HBSSLaw Dec 10, 2009

    Hi there,

    I’ve read several stories about consumers being charged inflated interest fees – some exceeding an APR of more than 100 percent.

    Not sure where you're from, but these charges are unfair and illegal according to California’s consumer protection laws. I work with a law firm investigating Bill Me Later for illegal billing practices and they want to hear from California residents taken by this scheme who may be interested in participating in a case. Share your story at

    Hopefully, we can help prevent this from happening to others.


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  • Ri
    Rita Morgis Feb 26, 2011

    Bill Me Later was certainly dishonest with me, too. BML is a PayPal Company! I always trusted Paypal, but no longer. They made a big mistake getting into this shady business of manipulating your due date and payment methods available so your last payment is late and they can rape you for that 19.999% interest.

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Scam charges!

Beware of Bill Me Later Payment scams. II am so furious with them. I've had a bill me later account for over 5 years and have always made my payments on time and before the promotional period ends. I view and make may payments online thru their website. I usually only make one purchase at a time, but this holiday season I bought an iPod in September and some movies in November.

The iPod was a promotional purchase for $400 that expired on 1/1/08, and the movies were non-promotional purchase for $225. Since I made over $550, worth of payments between 10/1/07 and 1/1/08, I assumed my iPod was paid off, prior to the promotional date. I got my January statement, and was told I owed finance charges on my iPod purchase, because I did not specify how I wanted my on-line payments allocated.

When I pointed out to the customer service rep (Sonya) that there is not an option to "reallocate" my payment on-line, she told me I would have to call to make that request. I asked her if she could reallocate my payment, and she told me she couldn't because the payment has already been processed.

I asked to speak to a Supervisor. Supervisor Kimberly, told me that was their "policy". I told her I thought the policy was unfair, she said "sorry you feel that way". I requested to close may account, she said "sure and hung up."

BILL ME LATER IS A SCAM, you're better off using a credit card. At least with a credit card, you know what your getting.

  • He
    Heather Fields Jan 29, 2008

    I work for Bill Me Later and would be happy to speak with you about your situation. Please feel free to contact me at heather.fields [at]

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  • Ko
    kody Mar 15, 2008

    ### bill me later

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  • Ad
    adamchen1987 Jan 18, 2012

    BillMeLater is not a scam in law, but its extremely scammish, NUMEROUS users are scammed by them for real!!!
    Go take a look at the Paypal website
    *ironic, eBay seems dont really even care

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This is my second posting since my earlier posting doesnt show up on this site.

Events happened on (12/12/07) 11:00 AM EST

I made a purchase back in July/August 2007 from a online store and paid it thourgh "Bill Me Later" - 6 month finance purchase offer.

Upon receiving the very first statement,
> I signed up with their online website and opted for paperless statement
> Used my bank's BillPay system to set up exact payments spread over 6 month period to utilize the finance option.

My final payment was due in December, I logged into account, to double-check the last due amount and to make sure that I dont incurr financial charges, To my disbelief, "Bill Me Later" didnt not honour the 6 month finance purchase offer and have been billing me finance charges from SECOND month onwards. I couldnt believe the statements, I checked and re-checked my due dates and my banks payment structure which were all perfect.

Called up the Customer Service right away, and Brenda the rep was laughing at me that I didnt check my statements. She said I should have checked my statements and should have called during the SECOND month, she refused to do anything about it and asked me just accept the charges. She said that their system doesnt allow any modification to old statements. She kept pointing the finger at me and really mocked at me when I said I want to speak to the supervisor.

This is atrocious, that you will trust a company thats giving you the offer only to be cheated. How can a company like this not have the ability to make changes to payments? Their Message: WELCOME TO BILL ME LATER - THE BEST WAY TO BUY FAST, FEEL SECURE AND PAY LATER. - seems such a sham when they want to us to pay the finance charges because they cannot correct their system or charges WHICH shouldnt have happened at FIRST place. They goofed up with the account set-up which resulted in me being charged.
Is this how they make money by not honouring the promotion and blaming the customer for not checking the statements. It doesnt surprise me that there a loads of complaints against this company and its billing system.

I demand an apology and agreed that their system cannot modify old statements BUT they can always give a refund after doing the cumulative APR/APY calculations.

Today its 01/04/2008: Heather from Bill Me Later, contacted me on 12/18 via email after going through my earlier complaint, but my yahoo account tagged it as BULK and I didnt notice the mail in BULK folder until New Years, I replied to her on 1/3/2008 and 1/4/2008. And to my surprise, the orginal complaint was removed from this site (I guess, it was reported as resolved or incorrect complaint or person cannot be traced!).

  • Ch
    chemley Aug 23, 2008

    I was charged by for an automatic renewal, that I was unaware of. Bill Me Later never sent an invoice until there was a late charge attatched. I had no idea that I owed the money ... I called and they credited the account and cancelled the automatic renewal. Bill Me Later is charging me with the late fees along with interest. Is this legal. In all actuallity the charge never existed, and to make it seem even more "fishy" the company didn't even have my current address. (my mailman delivers all my mail from my previous address) I never received any invoices. Bill Me Later calls me day and night now. They are harrassing me for money that I don't feel that I owe.

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Complaint Description: I made a purchase back in July/August 2007 from a online store and paid it through...

Exorbitant Late Fees etc.

I used Bill Me Later to purchase a holiday gift in the amount of $44 from Wal-Mart. Did not receive the customary paper statement by mail from BML the following month and was therefore late in making the payment. A $9 late fee plus interest was added to the account. When, another month later, the bill came to my attention, BML had added an additional $19 late fee plus interest because the the bill was now in the over-$50 bracket.

I called the company and noted that California, the state of my residence, has usury laws that are intended to address unethical and exorbitant charges such as those applied to my account. The customer service rep was clearly accustomed to dealing with disgruntled customers such as myself, and kissing them off. She did not hesitate to close my account upon request but showed no interest or inclination in adjusting the fees.

  • Ri
    Ricky Abbott Apr 17, 2007

    Tim is correct. Bill Me Later is not a good company to deal with. Save yourself the trouble and use any other method of payment available to you.

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  • Ca
    Cathy c Sep 20, 2007

    Yes my dealings with Bill me later have me awful... for some reason they had two accounts under my name and on one account had only my apt number for an address so I was never getting the bill for that account. I was getting calls from someone saying they were from bill me later telling me my account was in collections. I had just paid my bill. I called Bill me later and the guy told me not to give out any info about my account. I kept getting calls and kept hanging up. Last night i get another call so afetr hanging up on the girl I called and this is when she gave me the info about my two accounts. I was so pissed off and she didn't understand why I didn't know I had two accounts and kept treating me like I was stupid. So I started yelling at her and she told me not to yell at her... then asked why I was calling. This made me even madder because she wasn't getting it acting like its my fault. I told her over and over again and told her I was not going to pay the late fees and that since my brother is a lawyer i would gladly take them to court. In the end she took the late fees off and then asked if I would like to pay my bill with a check or credit card. Well there is no way in hell I was going to do that so I told her to send the bill...I had to tell her this several times and remind her that I had no trust in Bill Me Later what so ever. I didn't want them screwing it all up again. I don't even think she was listening or even trying to understand what I was saying. At the end of the conversation she asked me if I understood now. She was treating me like I was the one at fault. Bill Me Later is the worst. Why the hell would have two accounts. What I can't figure out is why the hell they couldn't figure out when my bill kept going back to them that there is my original account with the same last name and my whole address on it.

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  • Cj
    c.j Dec 12, 2007

    I also agree they are terrible and I don't recommend them to anyone.

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  • Hb
    HBSSLaw Dec 10, 2009

    I’ve read several stories about consumers being charged inflated finance charges and interest fees – some exceeding an APR of more than 100 percent.

    These charges are unfair and illegal according to California’s consumer protection laws. I work with a law firm investigating Bill Me Later for illegal billing practices and they want to hear from California residents taken by this scheme who may be interested in participating in a case. Share your story at

    Good luck!


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Bill me later system sucks!

The system sucks at bill me later I had been approved for purchases over $2,000 but now I am getting denied...

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