Bidz.comwatches bid

J Sep 05, 2018

After a month I emailed them requesting information for the shipment. 15 days after that they responded with a "sorry for the delay will be shipped soon". After another month, I sent a new mail, once again after 15 days I received the same answer "sorry for the delay, but we had a problem with the supplier, but will be shipping soon". So, I requested a refund and the answered that as more than 3 months had pass, they can't refund the money, so I must ask my bank to refund it. Of course, the bank said that they only refund when the purchase is between the first three months after the purchase. Once again, I emailed them, and I received a "sorry, we can't do anything you have to contact your bank". So, in resume, I will not receive my money back (more than $600.00), they simply stole it. are thieves, defrauders, unscrupulous, scammers.

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