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Plus Complaints & Reviews / a diamond ring certificate of authentication

Elias Cherfan on Feb 21, 2019

My name elias cherfan, from the province of alberta canada, I have won a bid on a diamond ring from and paid for immediately, there web declared 7 days for the ring delivery and the certificate available at shipping, they got paid for the certificate of authentication. After two... / my items bought but not delivered

Purplehorse on Jan 20, 2019

I have purchased three items that have not been delivered and I'm extremely pissed off I either want my money back not credit, items sent asap or I'll be taking this matter up with the appropriate departments. I have submitted many e-mails to this company and I did receive a few email... / watches bid

Javier Coro on Sep 5, 2018

After a month I emailed them requesting information for the shipment. 15 days after that they responded with a "sorry for the delay will be shipped soon". After another month, I sent a new mail, once again after 15 days I received the same answer "sorry for the delay, but we had a problem... / took my money but never sent the product

Rose Salvati on Aug 26, 2018

I bid on and won an auction for a bracelet on 7/29/18. I paid for the item the same day but never received the item. I contacted through email approx 6 times but only received one response apologizing for the delay. After that I received no response although I continue to send... / not receiving item paid for or credit or my money back

Zeusib on May 24, 2018

12/08/2017 Paid for a cross for my step daughter Birthday and never got listing # 263395365 Item # 02081570 Order # 513794111 emailed about 10 times back ordered even got the BBB involved they said with in 10 day's money would be back in account did not happen and to this day same old thing... / well rip you off

Chaddly Benoit on May 22, 2018

I made a purchase December 27.2017. Contacted several times leading up to may about the status of my order. Every time a received a generic response stating that the supplier was back ordered and I would receive my order shortly. After submitting another complaint ticket (7 in... / order is not received, money is not returned

Tatiana Pan on Apr 25, 2018

My order # 515036118 created on: 03/13/2018 was not received, the money was not returned. the phone of the company does not work, the letters are not answered or only the robot answers. the problem of refunding money is not solved. unreliable advertising, certificates on the site, do not... / payment not received

orakul on Apr 22, 2018

I have not received this order 513732119 12/05/17 which was ordered.03/01/18 sombody txt me messenger facebook my order 513732119 has been submited for cancelation and allow 7-12 busines days for the refund to be issued back my payment. I have not there is still nothing. customer service... / order #s 514864110 / 514648119 / 514598100

Alicia D. Naylor on Apr 11, 2018

My name is alicia naylor, I have just spent over an hour on your phone service trying to reach a representative... This is unacceptable as this is my third email/attempt to contact in as many weeks - without a response! I am pissed!!! As you can see in the last email I... / refund for cancelled order#514658108 k414

keeper414 on Apr 8, 2018

this order cancelled 12/11/2018 order #514658108 still waiting to receive money back on card only got two emails from Amanda M stating a time it will be refunded this timeliness has come and gone Sent numerous emails no reply I am senior and being charged interest on card Never got... / order number 513996107

Pat0001 on Mar 12, 2018

I have not received this order which was ordered 12/21/2017 Here is my email to them Hello Amanda I have not received this yet and we are in March. Almost 3 month. What is the stat? On Feb 12, 2018 6:40 AM, "Pat Ul" wrote: I am yet to receive order number 513996107 order date of... / I have purchased two items but, not able to reach

rajanik on Mar 5, 2018

I had a few bad experiences with earlier, I still bought two items from them and realized my email is still old one with them. So, I am trying to contact them but, no one answers phone. You will notice fishy once you call. a. They will offer $100 conditional gift card and if we deny... / slows delivery every week

Danielito11 on Jan 12, 2018

You buy things and do not send anything. You can see the picture from when I bought them. Amanda's wife responds to emails only promises not this week but the other and so a whole month passed and nothing was sent to me.They deliberately postpone and do not send anything. Does not anyone... / a purchase of a ring

Pito7745 on Dec 12, 2017

I punched a ring on November 17 the money was taken from my bank account on that day I paid 29.99 for next day delivery and still have not received my ring I called about 15 times over the last 4 weeks and now am being told that I need to pay another 4.99 for shipping when I ask to speak... / beware buyers

David on Sep 27, 2017

Don't deal with them. They are liars, who don't deliver stuff and never answer the phone calls. Bad treatment, bad service. Overall bad. When I have an issue, I don't expect to get a stupid email with apologies. Your apologies can be put in a place where the sun doesn't shine. I really... / customers beware!

Glen Lee on Aug 30, 2017

Everything is poor. Quality, products, customer service and my own experience with them. Very poor. Every time you hear different things from them regarding your same problem. Can't have the only one option to resolve it. I didn't receive my order and they say I will get it within a week... / watches and jewel

suzshafer on Nov 22, 2016

After buying several watches from Bidz auctions, I was disappointed that several batteries were dead and in one case a winder was missing. I was advised by customer service that if the cost was inexpensive, in this case $13 was the charge as well as a$5 winder charge, and mail to them...

Bidz / bad quality and slow delivery

Joo on May 30, 2016

I have won several items on Bidz and at first I was very excited about this website and wanted to get more stuff. So they sent me my items and I received a notification message that my products were shipped. I received only one item after two moths and the rest part is still missing! They...

Bidz / bad experience

Sue on May 13, 2016

I have ordered over 5 months ago and never received anything! Every time I contact customer service they give me empty promises and keep saying that my order is on its way. They are obviously lying and I bet they never shipped anything. Just took my money and now they're trying to make a...

Bidz / absolutely disgusted!

Jekka11 on Mar 8, 2016

I ordered something from Bidz and waited almost two months to get my item! I contacted them many times and they told me to be patient. About three weeks ago I finally received the item, but the quality was way off, so I sent it back. About ten days later I got a message from them saying...