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H Aug 11, 2018

I buy your waxmelts never had a problem. I usually buy the walamart brand tealights because they are encased in aluminum. I recenlty purchased yours which came in plastic. I never remove tealights from encasement due to wax pouring out onto surfaces. After 3rd use with no issues I left the room for a few minutes to change laundry and came back to my bedroom smoking. I turned tealight burner and noticed inside was on fire. We just bought our new house and could have lost everything. The firealarms went off as well. I just want your company to know there is a danger with this product and nowhere on the packaging does it say WARNING MAY CATCH ON FIRE. So you might want to reconsider putting your tealights in aluminum. Thank you.

tealight candles
tealight candles

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