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Bethea Jenneronline scam

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Verified customer

I subscribed to this service, thinking that they could offer me some information, but after I ordered this 'horn of plenty' pendant, and never received it, I began to wonder if this was really something of worth. I got taken once, but never again. They are nothing more than cruel opportunities, who think that they can use some sort of secret power they pretend to have to take hard working peoples money.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • dear bethea,
    how wonderfull this way to collect mony . i m poorer . i had got idea to collect mony cani use ur way to com out from my ultimate miseries . plz. answer me and dont allow others to use ur way of getting mony from the accout .breif how its works . thanks bye

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  • Me
    MELLODIE Sep 11, 2014

    I was taking by this bethea jenner lady on 9/3/14 I put my trust in her. I never receive the 3 golden cards but she got the money but when I called that telephone number [ [protected]] it says it was a clear provider that doesnt have anything to do with the esp chat, llc then they give yopu the phony other psychics that demands you are being help by them. I am on a real budget. im sorry for you taking advantage of others hard earings but one day you will feel the raft on not using people just watch yourself, like life tells me whats goes around comes around. youre nobody but you burn me badly, cause nothing show up at all. and you have the nerv to ask for more money. take what you have stole from me, and the rest of us. have a good day.

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  • Ji
    Jibileen Jul 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a four-leaf pendant and a bracelet which is supposed to receive on July 3. It costed me 31$. Until now I didnt recieve the item. For the second time, I ordered a key pendant which cost 21$ and I just hope it will come. All these items are paid in full. Emailed Bethea 3 times but there no aswer, I tried to call her on [protected] but the isnt ringing at all!?! What the hell is happening?!?

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  • Mo
    Modeby Apr 09, 2012

    ok I recently ordered a pendant from Bethea, after reading these posts I am somewhat concern.
    I will say this, how we feel inside and the energy we exude is our karma, so if your already a negative person looking to feed off of someone elses energy, then your only fooling yourself.
    Regardless if Bethea is real or not, its really your faith that can make anything happen.

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  • St
    Starwarslinda May 03, 2011

    Dear Bethea: I never recieved my refund and they told me it would only take two days put it back on my debit card well it has been over a week and it still isn't back on my debit card I hope they refund my money soon, I don't want the cameo I can't afford to buy right now. I hope I am not ripped off of my money I work hard for that money and I need every penny in this economy we have right now, I sure hope I see that money soon on my debit card soon. I just love the other things I have recieved from bethea it really does bring me luck I have a little more money these days and thanks bethea for always trying to help me out.

    A really worried custmer

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  • Sh
    shawnap123 Mar 09, 2011

    I too, purchased something from her site, 2 things, sterling silver is it suppose to tarnish, i sent an email to her, not response about a refund or replacement. Thats my story and opinion and Im sticking to it. I fell for it. Hope she reads this and something changes.

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  • Bo
    Bondgirl1958 Dec 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too recieve Emails from Bethea, I enjoy reading what she has to say, some of her forecast have been right on, as some have been far off, each of us are responsible for the out come of Our own lives. if we choose to indulge in Bethea or anyone else for that matter, who has the right, other than the Good Lord above to judge any of Us, walk in my shoes, live my life. people like Bethea, gives up lifting positive thoughts, that add a little hope to a dull unending existence, caregiving for uncaring family members, it nice rather it is b.s. or not to have a person that put a positive flare to life, I have purchased a reading a year ago, I enjoyed reading it most of what was read was me, I am waiting on one more item now, I can't complain about, anything it was my choice to believe, I have had experience's on my own as a young person, that makes me lean toward the psychics & mediums, Yes, people will suck you in if you let them. "IT IS WITHIN YOU & I TO KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG!"
    something I have noticed, most of these site state in small print "this for entertainment purposes only" !

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  • So
    sonia1 Nov 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have no complaints.. so far... I recieve bethea's forcast for the week and it uplifts me, I have bought 2 days ago something and I am waiting for it.. when it arrives I will report back.. but until then thankyou bethea for giving me positive thoughts and lifting my spirits. sonia

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  • Ar
    A.Roma Nov 14, 2010

    Everyone needs to make a living to survive the declining economy, and Bethea is no exception. Who are we to judge her. I receive a lot of email from Bethea but only read the forecasts which appears to be in tune with my situation. Then it would dawn on me that probably most individuals have the same financial or relationship issues and therefore receive the same forecasts. I have bought a couple of items which I thought was pretty. That is the only power in it. It never brought me wealth or prosperity. I believe that only hard work and obedience to the Word of God will bring us happiness and prosperity. Ultimately, if there is something worth buying from Bethea, I will not hesitate to buy it.

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  • Un
    un-defined Oct 25, 2010

    dear world,
    honestly if your the kind of person who buys into anyone making the success of your life better other then your self ( including god or Jesus) then really you haven't learned much about the reality of life. You looked into bethea so you it's really your own fault.

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  • Th
    Theona Sep 22, 2010


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  • Bi
    Bimbims Sep 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is a great pity that there are so many "so called"" PSYCHIC's, who purport thier intentions only to end up trying to make folk purchase, items that are supposedly "MAGIC".
    Most people going for these adverts are in positions where Worry & Stress, create the desire to take hold of any opportunity to make things better.
    Jenna - Tara- Angela- Maria-Spiritus Sanctus-Bethea-Henri Thomas, the list appears endless, yet i have the feeling that many are well organised businesses with perhaps just a few Principals, who are resposnsible.
    Taking advantage of those less well off and those in desparate need is
    beyond Human Compassion. They should be stopped..The question is How ? Angela for example is banned from New Zealand & Sth Australia, at least they appear to have some direct action in force.

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  • Al
    Alicia123456 May 20, 2010

    I think it is absolutely horrible that people like her exist. If you think about it the people that are reaching out for help are the people in need. People who don't have money and are finding ways to make these monthly payments on whatever jewelry they claim that possesses power to make you rich. instead they become rich off of poor people. Bethea you should be ashamed of yourself. This is wrong. Its OK though, they will have to answer to the man upstairs one day.

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  • Ed
    Ed5511 Mar 31, 2010

    Bethea is a serious JOKE!!! Yes I will admit I fell for this happy, get rich and live the life of luxury. But however after the first date of promised fortunes and glorious life changing events with no such happenings I started lookin g for every lie with-in the lie. I'm in total agreement with all of you who have been taken by this person, someday she will answer to the higher calling (however she probably already knows this from her psyhic ability). Anyways I have learned my lesson!!!

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  • Ro
    ROCKY III Mar 04, 2010

    Why cant people just be honest and stop pulling down other peoples trousers or pants or whatever. dont be fooled by these stupid scams!!! honestly if you are then you are just as bad as her!
    No one can make you rich or happy or well or anything overnight can they?

    Now is the time to wise up this is the 21st centuary!!!
    The only thing thats real is reality so wise up, look up< and look forward to changing your own life!!!

    If not send me your money and i'll make you feel better and you can make me rich!!!

    Deal or no deal?

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  • Ma
    marksy Feb 18, 2010

    I have bought a couple of things oe the past 2 years from Bethea who originally wrote to me as Rochelle Gordon (I have no idea if they are the same person!) nothing ever worked ; she sends me free readings every week with numbers on and'special days' to use the numbers; they dont 'work' either' well at least I've not won masses on the lottery yet!! I like her little 'talks' at the beginning of the forecast and sometimes they really are quite profound; what I hate tho is the sometimes daily or certainly weekly bombarding of the 'today is Thursday 18th February and if you respond today the most amazing things wil happen if you buy blah from me at a mere Xdollars or pounds per month!!! Maybe she has 'helped' people ; but the truth is the only help we can expect is from ourselves; Only once I sent off for something which didnt arrive and when I asked about it I got one immediately in the post. Make up your own minds about her - my opinion? the free forecasts are ok but dont pay for the previous writer, I'm going to unsubscribe...

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  • Ba
    bastardlychild Sep 26, 2009

    lol, anyone who actually buys into this should know better. You want REALISTIC spiritual healing? see a good native american shaman or something or go to a sweat. These rocks this person makes and jewllery are probably bought at the dollar store. Beathea, I've subscribed to your emails for the horoscope or whatever, and that's it. 1 year alter, I've unsubscribed because of all these ### offers you keep emailing me with. I'm surprised you actually found this page, do you always keep finding yourself typing 'bethea scam' into google? All I can say is, good luck with your business. You and I both know there's plenty of stupid people to scam out there. Have fun, thanks for the emails.

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  • Ke
    Kenosis Jun 15, 2009

    Dear all,

    I am Kenosis, from Singapore and I have bought from Bethea Jenner just early this year at 2009 Jan. I have bought a package of 7 round metallic pendants with 7 different small special stone balls(costs me over a hundred USD).

    Attached are the pictures I have taken to show as evidence.

    I have every reason to believe that she(Bethea Jenner) is quite busy with all the emails and written mails already. A few times I had written to her, she took quite some time(a few weeks) to get back to me.

    I have been wearing the pendants everyday and I personally feel that they do really emit/attract some kind of energy fields. As I am by nature very sensitive and thus in a way, I might be more ready to feel the vibrations as emitted/attracted by the pendants. When I wear different pendants, I really felt different chakras opening up, sometimes my mind becomes clearer, sometimes my heart feeling more warmth and compassionate, sometimes I ended up crying, sometimes my throat feeling a burst of energy wanting to project my voice loudly while giving presentations.

    Maybe I am really blessed. Maybe I am just lucky? But at least the pendants I got from this lady I can feel some of the effects, though I have yet to make it rich. I have been studying metaphysics and the occult studies for many years and I know that to get rich is much harder than you thought. Effects felt by the person can be brought about by things and the environment(Feng Shui/Geomancy) but material possessions are decreed by the Will of Heaven. Believe it or not, this is the results of my years of research at For those who wanna make a wish, please feel free to do so at my wishing well at

    Just my friendly advice to people who bought from Bethea. I believe she has done her best to make prompt replies but she could just be unable to respond to the bulks and masses of emails/mails she got, so be patient.

    Whatever it is, in my point of view, she is definitely NOT a scam cos I got my things. Did someone else open your mailbox or has the postman misdelivered? I dont know.

    By the name of the Lord, may you all be blessed. Earth shall continue to revolve and calamities/disasters shall cease. Heaven and Earth is realigning and all positive energies are gathering. The Chosen ones are now on their way to save us all. Be patient and be hopeful. Never give up.

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  • Ji
    jimmy Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i would hope you are not praying on poor people to scam there money, there is a God and there is hell, money is not worth getting one persons hopes up, just to be beaten down again, if you knew all the terrible things that happened to me and my fanily this year you would feel cheap and ashamed, i was getting my hopes up, still know that all good things come from our lord jesus, until i clicked to pay by mail. why is it you give a lifetime money back speech on the credit card side but only a 60 day one on mail in, you need to proof read, sure some poor older person that just lost his dog, has no family, can't go to the bathroom by there self might not catch it, but right now we all are not way, did you get that bethea, you will be there some day. if you are what you say you are contact me, and will see if the 12th comes true, i am a very different kind of person, one that would starve to feed a stranger, make things right with all those people while there is time, Jesus will come soon and that needs no pridiction, its stated in the bible 4 more years to suffer and then we go to heaven

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  • Be
    Bethea Jul 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Cecilia

    Please get in touch with us regarding your order. We will be happy to refund your money, or to send you another Horn of Plenty if you still have not received your order.

    My email address is [email protected] You can also call me at 203.825.3199 and leave a message. We will get back to you. Thank you.


    Bethea Jenner

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